Welcome to freeCodeCamp's forum

Welcome to freeCodeCamp's forum

:confetti_ball: Welcome to Free Code Camp’s forum. :confetti_ball:
Please introduce yourself by replying to this thread with:

  • who you are
  • why you’re learning to code
  • how you’ve been learning to code so far

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Is this the newbie thread?

I’m diving into all coding and tech but starting with front-end web before moving full stack and then beyond.

I’ve been repeating the basics from lots of tutorials spread around the web, sometimes helpful but frustratingly limited.

Hello everyone!


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Hey everyone!

I’m Glenn or EmDstrb, I’m a 19 year old French student in Literature and Languages of Foreign Civilizations.
I’m currently unemployed and I want to better myself by learning new skills and applying them to actual projects.

I’m starting with coding because I’ve always been fond of foreign languages and programming has piqued my interest in the last couple of years. I want to be able to create and see through the veil of the games, programs and processes that compose my everyday life.
As I’d love to be more focused on creation and artistic endeavors in the coming years, the main goal I want to achieve with FCC is a deep understanding of the artificial languages of our age, specifically JS, then Python, so as to make small games and gain better knowledge of what can be done with basic tools to then better experience actual game-making software in the future, when I am finally able to create and give meaning to what I do while being able to learn through making.
Nevertheless, I do want to create programs and, having helped non-profits in the physical world in the last few months I’d love to help others on another plane of existence.
I’m commiting to going through all (supposed) 2080 hours of FCC’s courses in the coming year and a half.

I’d also love to get into russian this year as my current proficiency in foreign tongues is limited to English which is rather meek for my current long-term projects. I want to write a fully-fleshed out book by 2020 and nevermind I am now rambling on about long-term goals on a forum dedicated to coding.

Also does anyone know about any marvelous campsites in western Europe? I’d love to go around and plant my tent for a few weeks.

I love all of you.
Have a lovely week.




Hi… :slight_smile:

I am Neso from Serbia, I have no experience with coding or programming(if we don’t count playing video games :smile: )

I hope that I will learn something new and in future use that knowledge to make living of that…




I’m a 38 year old ESL teacher in Taipei, Taiwan. I love my job but teaching is bittersweet and more often than not, a thankless job when teaching children. I long for a day when I can just work from my laptop and be free to roam around this planet, seeing and doing amazing things whilst making a good income online.

I’ve had limited experiences wth coding. I’m a bit into freeCodeCamp, but am also taking an edX course from Harvard, teaching intro Computer Science. It’s a work in progress to say the least. I hope to find out if I’ve got any talent as a coder. Take care and good luck to all.



HIya world, I’m Eva Lieu from the Los Angeles area. I’m learning code because I love problem solving in creative ways. Been learning code by taking a bootcamp, but I’d like to really solidify what I’ve learned.



Hi , I’m amshare
i learning to develope my skill to be expert programmer
and 2 weeks in learn code



Hello everyone, I’m Felix Lucas from Venezuela. 22 years old.

I’m currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I have some experience in web development. I’m the developer of 2 web pages until now.

All what I have learned so far comes from Internet resources and books, and I decided to give a try to this promising program.

Also, I’m looking for get involved in new projects, just for the experience and knowing new people. Anything, you can get in touch with me. I may not have the best english grammar but we gonna be able to communicate pretty good.

Best for you all. Have a nice week.



Hello all!
I am a computer science student at Empire State College, I was intrigued by freeCodeCamp after I learned a bit about what kind of credentials you finish up this coding camp with. I am in my late 30s and after almost 20 years in retail supporting a music career, I have decided to try to get a job in tech as opposed to retail.

What I hope freeCodeCamp can offer is a substantial contribution to my portfolio,

At my college I have already learned a few programming languages so I hope I can be of assistance with what I already know, while I gaining more practical knowledge here and hope to create a resume that will help me start a new career.

I look forward to communicating with all of you in the future!

Joe Dobise



Hi all,

I’m Thibault, I live in New York.

I worked in the recruitment industry for a few years, including tech recruitment. It’s… tiring and not a particularly interesting field, so I am picking up web development to hopefully effect a career change in the near future.




Hello everyone.

I am Jon, I live in Phoenix, AZ.

I am here at Free Code Camp to brush up on what I thought was forgotten skills. After being out of the development game for a while, but not out of the tech world (I am currently a Systems Analyst) I am looking to revive a skill that I enjoyed in the past writing code.

Thanks. Jon.



Hello everyone, I am Raaj from Ghana. I am learning to code cos I love technology and passionate about software development. I learn to code mostly from books and a few video tutorials on youtube



Hi everyone! My name is Matt and I’m learning to code to increase my skill set for various employment prospects. Basically I’ve been doing the challenges for at least a couple hours a day and I’ve just been putting in the work to get better and learning all I can. Hope to see where it all goes!



Hello guys !

I am Annas, a 20 year-old french student living near Paris. I am also working as a web developer in apprenticeship.
I want to gather more skill in development to… be a better developer I guess ? I am highly interested in IT, and love learning new stuff.
So far, I have been learning code on the french platform “OpenClassrooms”, and at school.

I am also interested in open source development, which I never really contributed to (I opened one issue… Does that count ?) but I look forward to doing so in the future.

I think that pretty much sums it up. I am very happy to be here and my experience with FCC is really nice so far.

Thanks, and see you !



Hi all, I am Anas , i already start enjoying my stay here, I love coding for long and i have been practicing on and off using videos and online tutorials but these time hopefully i wish to go the developer level to find a good job.



Hey every1,

I’m Anže from Slovenia.

I’m studying CS and i want to refresh and expand my knowledge by taking this CodeCamp.

Have a good day every1.



Hi all,

I’m Shivam from India.

I’m an Android developer, now learning web development for an extension to my skill set and may be for some personal projects.





I’m Basil, a temporary dropout UI/UX Designer and Front-End Developer who often freelances and works at a small local tech startup.

I’d been obsessed with computers as a kid though that obsession eventually branched out towards video games more so than coding itself, but I found myself dabbling with Python and Ruby time and time again until I went for Bachelors in Computer Science last year where I had the opportunity to learn and teach as a hobby.

Though I had to drop out for certain reasons, I’ve decided development to be my main source of bread and butter so here I am! Polishing my existing skills from whatever place I can find and building my portfolio. I started off with Python and Ruby on Codecademy some years back and settled down with C++ for a short while which honestly helped me understand OOP really well. I now mainly develop/am trying to develop in JavaScript and Python, and since I design websites and freelance as a designer, too, I’m trying to learn front-end better so I can create my own themes and templates to sell.

All for the money haha.