Welcome to freeCodeCamp's forum

Welcome to freeCodeCamp's forum

Myself Prashant.
I am learning code because I like to learn new things.
I am learning code from a year.


hey everyone.

I’m conor/killsprie527 I’m 21 and a student in Howest (Belgium).
I’m starting with coding on this platform because I want to improve my skills.

and to everyone, have a good day.


My name is Tanja, I am a trained nursery school teacher and I have a a Bacehlor of Arts in social work. As we live in London and coding seems an important way of getting into new interesting fields I want to try it and see where I can get to.
Best regards


Hello everybody!
I’m Sergio from barcelona(Spain). I’m a musician with some background in computers and IT.
I’'ve just start learning code in the last month. I started with some JavaScript and yesterday I finished the HTML & CSS course.
This is my first experience so I’m excited about how far I will go.

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My name is Karun
I am learning to code because I like making stuff !
So far I have been reading books, but this is a lot more fun!

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Hello campers !

I’m Enzo, a 20yo french entrepreneur. I love gaming and coding. I came here to progress, help people, and maybe find opportunities.

Have a nice day :smiley:

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hi i am ankit . i am here in freecodecamp to learn .


Hi I am jaswinder and i am a grad student at University of Florida


I will say hi too, coz tutorial says so! But I really doubt anyone actually read it!

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My Name is Vivek Raj and i am from India. I want to create beautiful & interactive website.
I wanna be a full stack web developer and that’s why i wanna learn to code.

It’s been a wonderful journey so far…thanks

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Hellow! A newbie in freecodecamp

am neicore

am learning to code because I want to be a software developer

I’ve been learning to code in the web using youtube tutorials, w3schools.com, sololearn app, and some other sites like codesdope.com


Good Evening all,

I am brand new to this program in being that I literally know nothing about coding! I have over 6 years of college with no degree to show. I joined the military at the end of it to possibly fund this crazy perpetual lifelong pursuit of learning I seem to have attracted. Here I am with 14 months left! I am looking to supplement a salary with working from home doing something I love so that I may be with my family at all times :slight_smile: I have a buddy that I go to church with who works for Lenovo and has introduced me to code. Our deal was I teach him to be a day trader, and he would allow me to shadow him and learn along the way!

Best of luck!

Walter Hough


Hello I'm gritmon

  • Im a teenager who just picked up coding a week ago.
  • Because it seems pretty awesome to be honest...
  • Youtube videos, the ipad app: mimo and freecodecamp so far.

My name is Jon and I’m a former journalist who is looking to make a career change. I’ve always been fascinated with computers and technology, and I feel like coding and solving problems is where my true passion lies.

I’m currently going to school for a computer science degree, but also wanted to supplement that learning by joining freeCodeCamp!


hey i am trish
i am a student in graduation and currently learning web development skills at freecamp code to increase and improve my coding in it to get a good job at this field in the months ahead :slight_smile:


Hello Campers!
Joseph Martin from Sub Saharan Africa. Needless to say, Coding is the new literacy in our present time.
Really want to be creative by writing software that solves real world problems; been reading programming books for the past one year, but there was no motivation/zeal at all. I then decided to be more practical.


Hi! I’m Mariusz.
I’m learning to code because I’d like to deepen my knowledge and gain some experience in front-end and back-end development.
So far I’ve been learning to code in different languages and different platforms.


Hi. I’m getting back into programming after a long time away. (How long? CSS had just been introduced and JavaScript was a bit of a scary mess. It appears much better now.)

I’m hoping to move to another country by the end of the year, and it looks like this technology is where the jobs are there.

Curiously, I’m also cramming on the language via DuoLingo, and I get the sense that both FreeCodeCamp and they are using the same technology under the hood. Interesting to see the different ways in which it works.


Hey, I’m David!

I want to learn to code because I have many ideas that I want to make real!

Not much education so far :frowning:


who you are
Hello, my name is Salman and I’m from Brisbane, Australia.

why you’re learning to code
I’m learning to code because it’s been a childhood passion of mine and I have just begun to pursue it, again. I hope to make web development/software development my career.

how you’ve been learning to code so far
Previously, I’ve learnt to code from using online resources, viewing code from projects and watching videos.