Welcome to freeCodeCamp's forum

Welcome to freeCodeCamp's forum


Hi. I’m getting back into programming after a long time away. (How long? CSS had just been introduced and JavaScript was a bit of a scary mess. It appears much better now.)

I’m hoping to move to another country by the end of the year, and it looks like this technology is where the jobs are there.

Curiously, I’m also cramming on the language via DuoLingo, and I get the sense that both FreeCodeCamp and they are using the same technology under the hood. Interesting to see the different ways in which it works.


Hey, I’m David!

I want to learn to code because I have many ideas that I want to make real!

Not much education so far :frowning:


who you are
Hello, my name is Salman and I’m from Brisbane, Australia.

why you’re learning to code
I’m learning to code because it’s been a childhood passion of mine and I have just begun to pursue it, again. I hope to make web development/software development my career.

how you’ve been learning to code so far
Previously, I’ve learnt to code from using online resources, viewing code from projects and watching videos.


Hi ,
I am Evander Oswere, from Nairobi, Kenya.I enjoy communicating with my computer, hopefully to make life easier and colorful one project at a time.
I’m mostly using online material for learning. I think it’s amazing that so much can be learned for free.


Hello I’m Joe Batchelor

I’m learning to code so that I can change my career path towards doing something that I truly enjoy doing, problem solving!

I’ve been learning from a variety of resources, starting with HTML, CSS and Javascript video courses on Lynda.com and also from apps like SoloLearn.

I stumbled across freecodecamp.com on one of my attempts at searching for the best way to learn code and break into the industry. The learning map along with the community base make me feel like this is my best chance yet to learn and reach my goals!


Hey there !
I am Isu, I am from East Europe and I am learning to program and code in my free time between lectures and work for the past year or so. But I joined FCC just now.

Been doing a lot of python and C++, mostly data science stuff and visualization (mostly related to university work) and a lot of pygame games and visualizations as well, got into Django and Flask recently, I needed to build simple website and so I discovered the joys of javascript when I encountered with the front end, so I started learning JS in deep and OOP stuff as well as moved to functional programming with it. JS is amazingly cool.

Now I am looking forward to knowing CSS, HTML and all the front end JS stuff since I am looking for better job that is at least somehow related to what I learn in school.

So far so good, I really enjoy my experience here at FCC.


Hi. I’d like to learn modern frameworks.


hi there, I am Bas from Australia. Coding knowledge is becoming more important. Like learning any new language it will change your brain neurons and help you to think better. Thinking better is a skill that seems to have lost appeal in the broader world. It will give an edge to anyone willing to apply themselves. This is my pompous explanation as to why I am learning to code.
I’m halfway through Cody Steele’s webdev bootcamp(Udemy), highly recommend it to any newb. I started freeCodeCamp as a way to consolidate my knowledge. This is working very well for me sofar.
Goodluck to my fellow coders and remember to enjoy the process, obstacles are there to be overcome.


Hi Everyone!

I’m Jules from NZ

I’m just trying this out for fun,turns out i’m actually having a blast.


Hi All,

I am Artur. New to freecodecamp. I am QA engineer transitioning to became full stack developer


Hello, I’m Fernando, I’m an Informatics Engineering student from Venezuela.

I’m here to improve and learn new programming languages, so far I know Pascal and most of C (finishing my current semester with BST, Heapsort and stuff). I’m learning to code because it’s part of my career and because I like it.

I’ve been learning thanks to my classes, projects, and interest.


I want to become a web developer and have been searching for tutorials. This was my favorite so far.



My name is Kelsey and I am a writer. I’m learning to code so I can be more qualified for copywriting, digital marketing, and social media jobs/freelance work. Also because I dig cyberpunk and want to be a cool hacker chick. I have only been using freecodecamp’s tutorials so far.

Happy coding!


Hello my name is Aleksandar.
I’m comming from Serbia. I am Software Test Engineer …I want to learn a little bit more in coding (Javascript,html,css) on Freecodecamp


Hi guys!

I’ve been learning some code as a hobby for a while, but I’m getting more serious with it to hopefully start a career. I’ve been using Udemy, but this site was recommended to me and I really like it so far.


Ana J
Learning to code because I love the thought of using programming to make your imagination real.
Learning to code from college classes and FCC.


Hello I’m Tony Nguyen, age 20 with an intended major in Computer Science, I like spaghetti and playing piano.

Why am I learning code?, It’s been a couple of years now since I was exposed to programming starting my college years at the University of New Mexico, and I always thought people who liked programming was insane. Who would be crazy enough to constantly torture themselves trying to debug code while dedicating themselves to a computer 9-16 hours a day. Overtime I realized it wasn’t so bad, although I did have some moments where I nearly wanted to cry trying to debug code, the satisfaction of finally figuring something out after endless hours of staring at my monitor was unbelievable, it felt as if I had conquered the world. Ever since, the idea of coding has always interested me, I also love the idea that anyone can create something so amazing just by typing a bunch characters.

How have I been learning code? My learning has been primarily from classes at the University involving various coding languages such as C, C++, Java, Vhdl, Matlab, although I have been exposed to different languages, I feel as if I still know nothing compared to everybody else, I hope by joining FCC I will be able to approach learning code in a different way than the traditional classroom as well as gain some helpful experience that will help me in the future!


##My name is NoobCoder
###Learning to code to better the world by bettering myself
####I used codeschool.com to learn first and now I’m using this site.


My name is John, I always been interested in coding and computer science. So far I am having a blast learning new skills. Hope that I will be prone to gain more opportunities into that field.


Hello everyone,

My coding journey has pretty much just started in the last couple weeks. I’m 21 years old, unemployed and have long-term plans for college. Essentially I’m going to study in another country in which I have citizenship, but it will be a few years until I can do that.

I’ve been agonizing over what to do with my life for years. I know I’m young and have years to decide, but honestly I want to get into something as soon as I can. I want to be out there starting my career and enjoying what I do. I’ve gone between so many different possible paths and I honestly don’t know whether or not this will stick, but I really hope it does. I hope I can stay inspired and work through the tough stuff. I started learning code because I need to further my skills while I’m not in school, and I have loads of ideas. Who knows what will become of this, but the university I want to go to has a media studies program that includes programming and art courses. That makes me so excited! Maybe I could be a game developer. Coding is so versatile.

I started with Codeacademy and quickly found that it was not enough material. I want more than enough material to keep me busy and always coding. I found FCC and I’m really happy I did. The community seems pretty supportive and I’m impressed with the volume of learning material. The projects are also exciting. Right now I’m doing my portfolio page.

Hopefully as I learn more I can be of help!