Welcome to freeCodeCamp's forum

Welcome to freeCodeCamp's forum


Hello all!!

My name is Jason and I live in Texas. I am finishing my degree in software development but decided I wanted to learn more of web development and applications. So here I am! I love learning new things and sharpening my skills. I look forward to this new adventure through freeCodeCamp.


Hi! My name is Ahmed and I’m from Texas. I am learning to code because I love programming.


Hi Everyone,

I’m Danie de Klerk from South Africa.

I’m learning code to become an independent Developer working for myself. I’ve been working for several companies, but I want to work from any location and preferably at home. At this stage I am driving my but off and need something to change my working conditions.

I really enjoy learning on freeCodeCamp. Really awesome! Each challenge successfully completed feels like an achievement!

I’m sure to use the forum when needed.

Nice meeting you all!


Hello World!

I’m Mary, I took an introductory course to programming in my first year of university and enjoyed it a lot. Hoping to learn new languages and concepts. :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m a recent grad. I’m learning to code so I can communicate with other programmers, build my own ideas, and add onto my skills.

Any coding I learned was on the job in class and it mostly left me immediately after the assignment went out. I’m gonna make it stick this time!


My name is Matt and I’m a research and development chemist that has done a few freelance web development projects for ecommerce websites in the start up community.
I’ve been learning code to transition into the field of web development because I enjoy it.
I’ve been learning code so far from coursera, stack exchange, friends in the industry, and any available free material I’ve been able to come across.


Hi campers,

This is ssreddychilukuri.I completed my B.tech.
I am here to do work on web designing & development.


Ololo! I’m here and I’m reading your courses!


I am sklohar from India, I have been learning different language to enhance my programming skills and to overtake my passion to profession.

I know html, css, javascript but trying to make my hand more dirty same stuffs. Hope it will be great learning from here.
Will be glad to connect with people working on live project.




I’m Albert from Catalonia.

I’m learning to code to refresh and increase my knoeledge :slight_smile:


Albert Simó


Hi there, I am Ian from North London.

I am learning code in an attempt improve my web development and design business. I already have a fair knowledge of HTML and CSS, but am trying to get to grips with PHP and Javascript.

Looking forward to the journey; I will keep you posted. :slight_smile:



Hi Campers,

I am Blessing Ebowe, a software developer in Lagos Nigeria.

I am interested in improving my coding skills, helping others improve theirs and also getting certifications.


Hey there, my name is Sergio and im from Mexico, i´m learning to code because i think it´s another way to share my creativity for people. I started to code blogs on blogger platform by blogger but i believe i need more than know how to add styles to a div element.


Hi everybody, this is narendra and I am an amateur coder.
I am interested in coding and looking forward to get a firm hold on most of the languages and become developer.
Internet has helped me a lot in learning code. There many free sources online to learn programming and freecodecamp.com is one of the best i ever come across.


Hi there,
I am an Electronics Engineer, working as Teacher in a professional Training Facility in well known Heidelberg, Germany, and teach my students all themes around Electric, Electronic, Control Theory, Measurement, Mikrocontroller programming (Arduino, Raspberry Pi), Lighting for Buildings, Home Automation with coding in languages like ANSI C (for mikrocontroller), Labview, Python. I’m glad, that I found freeCodeCamp and can learn this longtime wanted language in this incredible environment, Congratulation for this Masterpiece of Teaching.
By the way, I am 59 years old and father of 7 children, my second oldest son who studied business informatics, gave me this hint.
Best wishes
Georg Herrmann



I’m Prashanth and I’m one of those people who decided to learn code and finally overcome my hatred for it. I avoided coding while I did my engineering degree (Electrical and Electronics).

I’m learning code to overcome my silly thought that coding is not for me. Plus, I want a fresh challenge in my life. Tired of the 9-5.

I’ve been learning to code from freecodecamp and w3schools.


Hello, I’m Kaksha. Learning to code because I want to make it my profession. Learning online as well as via university.


Hi everyone,

I’m Darren. I’m 47 years old and live in Northumberland, UK. I am currently a mechanical design draughtsman with over 20+ years in the industry. I have decided to try my hand at coding to facilitate a career change or financially supplement my current career.

I have been ‘dabbling’ with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery for a few years now, but in a quite fragmented fashion.
This approach hasn’t helped much, as I feel I have to relearn it all over again after a few months away.

Here’s to learning a great deal more about front and back end development.

Good Luck to you all!!


Hey FCC! Thanks for all the support!

who you are

  • an aspiring robotics engineer trying to sharpen his coding skills!
    why you’re learning to code
  • I want to create cutting edge algorithms for robotic systems!
    how you’ve been learning to code so far
  • through projects, company work, books… anything I can get my hands on! FCC gives me a more structured approach which I enjoy!


Hi! I am junior frontend developer.