Welcome to freeCodeCamp's forum

Welcome to freeCodeCamp's forum


Hi! I am junior frontend developer.


Hi everyone,

I’m pretty new to the programming world.
I wanna be a full-stack web developer some day, I’ve been able to play around the front-end a little with HTML5 and CSS. Javascript has been really tough so far, with time though, I know I would have fun playing around with it.




I’m Lina, a 19 year old student from Lithuania, Currently I just finished my first year of Multimedia and Internet Technology in university, but I’m trying to change my bachelor to Information Systems.

I’m learning to code because it’s useful to me in my studies (as You can see :smiley: and I do have some small project ideas I wanna make. I’m the type of person who loves problem solving so coding has always been fun for me. In total I’ve been learning to code (on and off) for about 5 years (I took a course on web development/deisign in 9th grade that focused on HTML and CSS, a bit on flash and Photoshop and we had to create a website of our own choosing at the end (with wordpress or from scratch - I used the latter option :smiley: ), I had programming in school with C++ and now in university I also had a module where we learnt Python). The biggest reason for me learning to code outside of my studies is that it’s really useful to have more knowledge in different coding languages when searching for a job in IT.

Aside from what I mentioned already, I recently started coding using FCC and I’ve been using Codecademy for quite a while (I never stick to a course so I often just end up retaking them as I forget, what I had learnt :smiley:). I’ve tried SoloLearn, at least the app, and I do plan to come back to it and maybe a few other resources as I want to and need to learn C++ for my studies,

I do wish You all good luck on Your programming adventures :blush:


My name is Grace.
The reason I am learning to code is that I would like to have a fully functional and successful app by the time I finish school. I have found coding fun so far, and am starting to get used to the basics.


Who: My name is Khoi, I’m from Tampa, FL
Why: Its fun and challenging and I want to built stuff with it.
How: I think Im doing ok, I’m moving at a snail pace but Im steady. Work have been tough on me, but I’m trying to find the time to learn how to code here and there.


My name is Joe and I’m working on learning to code as a hobby. So far I’ve used a lot of free online resources to try and accomplish this and have found CodeCamp to be a very impressive place to just that.



Hey all - I am new to coding an FreeCodeCamp will help me to for sure!

So hello everyone :slight_smile:

Not sure what else to say.



I am Ebenezer, a graduate of accounting from Nigeria, a country acclaimed to be the giant of Africa.
My reason for wanting to know how to code is because i really want to know how this whole information technology thing works and also to solutions to business problems by developing applications as well as to make some money.
I’ve been taking the challenges on free camp code in addition to other online resources.


Hi Campers

I am Kenny by name, From Nigeria.

I am a very passionate learner and i want to learn Programming

Please kindly advice me the place i can download useful materials like books for beginners and Audio books too

Thanks, I hope to be accepted in this community and join the great developers and achievers here


Hello, my name is Victoria.
I love math, and solving logical puzzles and problems, which is why I decided to study programming and programming languages. Some things I learned in college, some on my own, and so far I’m really enjoying freeCodeCamp and it has been the best way to learn. :slight_smile:


I am Frank from Cleveland. I’ve been told that there are a lot of “Franks” in Cleveland.

I am learning to code because it is a great skill to obtain. Clearly, it is usable, and it simply makes me a more learned person. Coding has always seemed mystifyingly difficult. What I’m learning is that though it can be difficult (and possibly frustrating at times), it isn’t mystifiying. And the more I learn, the more I see how it can be applied, and the more I see how this is a valuable skillset.

I’ve been learning to code with freecodecamp, and I’m at the beginnings of this journey. Looking forward to progressing.

Thank you,


Hi there. I’m Roik from Ukraine. Want to learn coding to try another side of life. I’ll glad to learn it and to find new friends here.


Hello people, I am Abhishek. I am a mechanical engineering graduate
I started to learn python just for fun and little bit automation, I’ve been interested in web development from a time and i am thinking to switch my career and become a web developer
I’ve read a couple of books on python and just finished HTML and CSS part in FreeCodeCamp


My name is David Pilkinton. I am a full stack developer with over 40 years of IT experience. Various languages, databases and development environments. I am expanding my portfolio to encompass more web based languages and API’s. I started learning to code on my parents Radio Shack color computer. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a double minor in Economics and Finance. I have applied my coding skills to different industries such as Retail, Accounting and currently coding for the Broadcast industry. I look forward to learning more from freeCodeCamp.com

David Pilkinton


Hello, my name is Nizar. I’m from indonesia. I’ve been coding since I took Computer Science degree 3 years ago. Currently I work as game programmer in a Game Development Company in Indonesia. I’ve been interested in web programming since I wrote my first javascript game. Javascript really interests me because of it’s huge popularity and community. In the future, I really want to make my own online web browser game. and hopefully by taking this CodeCamp, it will boost my web development skill.

Thank you freecodecamp to make all of this free. :blush:


Hi everyone,

I’m Tuan Hoang. I am a student in University and Engineering of Technology (UET). My major is Computer Science. I am learning how to become a fullstack developer.

Thank you.


I am Jorge Madson brazilian web/mobile developer.
I want to learn professional javascript
I am doing internship, and i look for solution majority in stackoverflow!
Thanks guys!


Hello, I’m Aleksandra. I am a computational linguist and I need coding skills for my work and hobbies.


My name is Nikhil Devadas
Currently working as an HR and wants to come back to what i learned in my college.
all good


Hello everyone!

My name is Patrick Korianski. I recently graduated from UConn and studied Computer Science. I started using freeCodeCamp because I wanted to learn more about full stack web development and improve my coding skills. So far in my past, I have done projects using Java, Python, C, and HTML/CSS. I look forward to working with you all!