Welcome to freeCodeCamp's forum

Welcome to freeCodeCamp's forum


Hi everyone!
I’m Yogev, 28 years old from Israel.
Studying to be a web developer and get a job :slight_smile: + love coding!
So far I’ve done a course in mobile development, some courses in Computer Science and a lot of Youtube videos :smiley:


Who You Are

Hi! My name is Jeremy Bauer. I’m an Instructional Designer at a midwestern university. Mainly, I build online courses for arts classes, but I also teach faculty how to use tech in their instruction.

Why You’re Learning to Code

I’m learning to code for a few reasons:

  1. Work: I use a little HTML everyday at work and would like to know more about it. We also use CSS to style our courses, and I’ve been feeling our CSS is in need of an update, so I’m trying to learn that too. It hasn’t been updated in about five years, and there’s no one in my department that knows CSS, so it’s up to me! (The person who created the CSS retired four years ago.
  2. Personal: I’ve always wanted to learn code, but have felt that it was too beyond me. In college I wanted to take a Computer Science course or two, but was afraid that I wasn’t good enough with computers already. I thought you had to be pretty good at computers to take any Computer Science courses. I didn’t have much computer access until college. I realize now that this was silly, though. I’d also tried to learn here and there, but couldn’t keep my focus. A year ago, as an adult, I found out I have ADHD, which I’m sure didn’t help my ability to focus on learning code.
  3. The Future: Now that I’ve learned some HTML and CSS, I’m hoping to see where it can take me, whether it’s my current career path/field or a different one. I have one main project idea that I’ve started planning that I plan to use to get some good practice in for HTML and CSS, and possibly Javascript too.

How You’ve Been Learning to Code So Far

  • Free courses from Udacity, Code Academy, and Kadenze. It’s been helpful to go through the basic HTML and CSS courses from different places. Everyone has a different way of explaining and demonstrating the same thing, and for some reason, it’s taking all the different perspectives for the knowledge to finally sink in.
  • Experimenting in the online courses I build.
  • Looking at the HTML and CSS of other websites using “Inspect Element” in my browser and also the Chrome extension “CSS Peeper.”


Hi Campers,

I´m Carack, from Spain, nice to meet you!!


My name is Jacob McLeod, and I’m a mechanical engineer living in the greater Denver area.

I’m learning to code for a couple reasons. I’m interested in adding a new skill to my set, keeping my mind sharp while I’m unemployed, getting on pace with the technology that’s shaping the world, and possibly setting myself up for a new career path that lets me travel more.

So far, all I’ve been doing is the HTML5 tutorials on FreeCodeCamp. I’m almost entirely new to coding, so this seems like a good way to learn.


Hi Campers

Im a Dominican boy named Josemaria just trying to learn to code don’t know exactly for what.



my name’s ian, I live in Indonesia, and i’m still in highschool

i am learning how to code because it looks fun, and maybe i can make a job out of this

i’ve been learning how to code using freecodecamp and codecademy


Hello my name is Marcial Celis, I want to learn everything related to web development and create my own web pages, and this platform is quite good


Hello :smiley:
My name is Jeff.
I’m learning to code to transition into a career in web development.
I’m currently working through the program at Viking Code School, but I’m looking around here to help review and reinforce new concepts. I really love this community so far!


Hello everyone,

My name is Mathias Rechtzigel, I live in Minneapolis Minnesota and I have been working in technology for the better part of 10 years.

My career initially started off in Quality Assurance and moved into Front End Development and finally Digital Strategy.

Most recently I have been working as a Technical Trainer helping underprivileged High School students learn technical skills and then they get placed in an paid internship with a local Fortune 500 company.

Working with code camp to learn some new skills and hopefully push some of my students to work along with me!


Hey everyone,

I’m Ashlie and I’m re-learning how to code because I want to work in a field that I really enjoy.

I have learned/been learning how to code from reading books, taking classes, and working through free online programs.

All help is appreciated and it’ll be great to meet some new people as well!


My name is Martín Thomas.

I do genuinely enjoy technology and how software can interact with all facets of modern life. I would love to be an influencer that directly affects people in some way through the practice of coding.

Currently learning to code through University but I am currently going through a long 3.5-month summer vacation and want to make sure my coding is as sharp as ever (never that good to begin with, just finishing the first year of Uni).

Hopefully I can gain the skills to get an internship sometime.


Hi! My name is Felicia. I am pretty new to coding. I just graduated with a degree for something other than coding. For my degree I had to take a class that did some basic coding and I loved it. I was determined to finish my degree before moving on to something else. Now I want to focus on learning to code and Free Code Camp seems to be a great way to do that.


Hello everyone!

I am Darren (obviously) from Cheshire, UK. You can connect with me on https://www.linkedin.com/in/darrenfiander/.

Having spent the last 8/9 years in Marketing & Sales, I am looking to try (though I fear I might be a tad old) to switch careers into programming.

Any hints, tips, advice will always be welcomed!


Hi Fellow Campers:

I am Javan.

I joined freeCodeCamp because I wanted to learn about new technologies.

I have been learning so far by following YouTube videos and reading programming books.


I’m Gamel < Im learning code to increase my javascript knowlege to become a js ninja


I’m a student learning to code to be able to make websites and start my own business.


Hello everyone! My name is Solange and I am learning to code, because I work building websites and want to improve my skills.



This is Maham. I’m a business analyst and get to work with amazingly talented developers so I’ve decided to work on some coding skills of my own. I’ve been using codeacademy before to finish some beginner courses in HTML/CSS, Ruby and Python.


Hello I’m Nolan

I’m looking to learn some web dev stuff lessssgooo


Hello, I am Norma. I am learning to code because I am curious and interested in technology and how it works. I have been learning through freecodecamp