Welcome to freeCodeCamp's forum

Welcome to freeCodeCamp's forum



I am an university student who is interested in something about coding, which it is regarded as a cool thing to involve in. I just follow the steps of the map to learn.


I’m Jessica Yeung from San Diego.
I’m trying to improve my creative and problem solving skills through coding so that I can create meaningful products/experiences. I’ve been learning to code through textbooks and videos.


Hello I’m Luc, I’m learning to code so that I can better understand the applications being built for my business and, as a side benefit, I hope to create an app to annoy my wife!


I am Louis Sheid
I’m learning to code so I can create things and get a job (currently in HS)
I’ve been learning to code through books, an AP class at school, and online resources


Hello every one.
I’m Abhishek sharma


Howdy, Y’all.
My name is Ian and I’m a veteran bartender, line cook, and waiter that currently works as a loan processor. I am learning to develop software because I have had a life-long obsession with everything tech-related. I cut my teeth on pre-css html back in 94 and some C later on, but haven’t had the opportunity to really delve into the field. I don’t care if I write custom Excel functions for a living, I love coding and I’m tired of not doing what I love.


Hi! I’m Luis Santos from Portugal!

Im learning code so i can see which kind of programming/dev i want to do and get a job in this area, but its hard to find a course/tutorial that makes me focus and motivated. But here i think i finally found one xD

i’ve learned some basic before but now following the “map” i learned more HTML than ever before, so I think it’s helping me :smiley:

I’m a person of a few words, so see you around!

Cheers and have fun :wink:



Am Bala here. To get a hands on. Super good.


I’m C.A. from Florida/US and I’m hoping to change careers and become a digital nomad. I’ve been using FCC and Code Academy and intend to start using video tutorials to supplement. I’ve also been engaging with established professionals as to their learning methods.


Hi everyone,

My name is David and I’ve only been learning to code for a few weeks now. I graduated from a decent university with a degree that hasn’t proven to be very useful, so now I’m trying my hand at web development. I think it will give me a creative outlet to try new ideas while also employing my logical side. So far I’ve been dabbling in several free online methods of learning code, including Upskill, Codecademy, and FCC. Because I’m in a mountain of debt, free courses are just about all I can afford at the moment, but if anyone has any ideas for ways I can get a job faster, I’d love to hear it! Thanks!


Hello World! I am an economics professor in the United States. I am learning to code because it is such an important skill to have and, best of all, it’s fun and exciting! So car, I have been learning to code in R for data analysis purposes, but I am now ready to expand my horizons.


My name is Sebastian Merlo, I’m an ABAP programmer since 1998, now SAP uses SAPUI5 java script libraries, so I want to learn more about it


Hi, I’m Mary. I’m learning to code because I want to get a job as a web developer. So far I’ve been learning using Free Code Camp, and I just got a HTML/CSS book also.


Hello, I’m Megan. I’m already employed full-time as a coder but I’m checking out freeCodeCamp because I read a lot of their articles on Medium already and would like to be able to recommend it as a way for my friends to teach themselves how to code.


Hi Travis! I was an ESL teacher in Spain before I became a full-time web developer. My coworker is a former ESL teacher in Japan. You can do it! Best of luck!


Hello everyone, My name is Swauny and I’m hoping to see how far studying various coding languages can take me. I guess my goal is to just learn different ways to make design interactive. I feel that’s what would be most fun for me. So far I’ve tried a few courses on Edx and Udemy in HTML/CSS and am starting to meddle with JavaScript (god bless my soul) LOL!! Looking forward to what I can learn from the community here.



Hi all! I’m following through the challenges like the rest of you - currently work as a management consultant (don’t hold it against me) and have always wanted to learn how to code to be able to translate product ideas and things that I’ve wanted to do into actuality. I’ve been looking for a great site and community to build tangible skills and a portfolio - so far, so good!




I’m a designer, and I’m learning code because it can solve a lot of problem in my job.


Hi Campers,

I’m GRICCI. I’m a web programer in Colombia.

I’m learning to code to reforce my knowledge


Hello everyone! so far i have been learning to code wherever i could and however i could until i learned of freecodecamp where i can have a actual certification to hopefully be able to get into the field that i would love to make a career in!