Welcome to freeCodeCamp's forum

Welcome to freeCodeCamp's forum

Hi All,

My name is Shalyn.

I am a tech support pro out of Seattle. I have held Tier 2 roles at companies such as Apple and DocuSign. I have also worked management at a San Francisco start up.

I am learning to code because I have always had a passion for development but did not have the confidence (or time) to learn. I want to advance my career, hopefully at my current company and also get into some freelance work.

So far I have used freecodecamp, books and Youtube videos to learn to code. For the first time ever I actually understand what I am doing and put in several hours of coding a day.

My goal is to earn my Front End certificate no later than October and completing Full Stack by May.



Hello, I’m Lucio Gutierrez, from Mexico City.
I live with my wife and our 8 month-old baby boy.
I already have some web development experience. I’ve made websites, with some JavaScript and PHP, but really my knowledge is still basic. I’m studying Computing Engineering in a Mexican university, and I think I’ll be getting my degree about the same time I finish with the FreeCodeCamp program, that is, in about one or two years.
I want to take this program because I want to make a living as a programmer. Currently I’m a car salesman, but I think I can make more money and do something I like more.
I’d like to meet friends here who have more or less the same progress in FreeCodeCamp as myself. I just finished with HTML and CSS. I believe this path could get lonely, and it would be nice to be able to have a couple of friends who are doing the same thing to chat from time to time.
Thanks for reading!



Hello everyone!

I am a Ukrainian currently living in Canada, but soon to be relocating back to Ukraine because of my new job that has nothing to do with web development :slight_smile:
I have only become interested in coding literally a few months ago, but I have really been enjoying the learning process to my own surprise.
Regardless of my new job, I am determined to go on with my coding studies because this is the way I spend my leisure time these days.
I hope we’ll be able to communicate through this forum and discuss many interesting coding tips and tricks.
I am really glad that I found this resource and I am looking forward to joining all of you here.



Hello everyone. My name is Alex, I’m 20 yrs old. I want to learn coding to get a job in software development. I took a 2 semester course leaning java and java data structures. Whats up everyone!!




I started learning to code in college, mostly in Java. Looking to expand my knowledge into full stack development. Love seeing the eclectic group of people on this page!



My name is Jesus Hernandez

I am learning code so I can create my own apps

This is my first time trying, I learned HTML on books before.



Hi! I am Jessica, I just finished my master’s degree in Design focused on user experience and human computer interaction. I want to go on to work with UX design so I figured I need to learn the basic languages for front-end developing.
I used to deal a lot with html and css 10 years ago. But since I started college I didn’t have time to play with it anymore so my knowledge became obsolete. Now I am trying to make up for the lost years. I am mainly only using the freecodecamp website for now to help me learn.



Hello Everyone!

I’m Jon. I’m an operator at a refinery.

I started learning C++ when I first went to college many years ago, but lost my passion due to other interests. As the years went by, my interest in coding grew after seeing all the neat applications a programmer can build!

Recently, I’ve been focused on my family and job. It’s been off and on again for me in freecodecamp. Hopefully I can stick with it and apply my knowledge to cool projects!



Hi there, I’m Jason. Nice to join you guys. I’m currently learning HTML/CSS and JS, and loving it!




I’m Dan, 28 years old, working as a petrophysicist.
Start learning coding for a career change in the near future or adding new reliable skills to my professional background.
Overall I want a change :slight_smile:




Hi good to join you guys. Not sure if my last post was added. I’m learning HTML, CSS and JS. Looking forward to geting involved.



Hi good to join you guys. Not sure if my last post was added. I’m learning HTML, CSS and JS. Looking forward to getting involved.



Hi code campers!

I’m karan from India.

my passion is for technology and community development.

After learned some basics in programming languages I drive into here to learn front-end.

keep coding!



Web Developer, to get a job obviously, still in the basic level :slight_smile:



Hi campers!
I’m Lassina ouattara
I’m currently unemployed and would like to learn coding to do this my job
I like coding!
I have been lerning so far by watching programming videos on youtube specialy UI development.



Hi campers
I’m Lassina ouattara
I’m currently unemployed and would like to learn coding to do this my job
I like coding.
I have been lerning so far by watching programming videos on youtube specialy UI development.



Hi Campers!

I am 25, I am a mechanical engineer with master in control engineering. I got a new job where I am working with front-end / back-end related tasks and I would like to learn more about it to get involved in developer tasks of IoT on connected cars.

I learnt for one year structured programming with C on my first year of studies and then did some implementations of different control strategies on my last years, I did a lot of matlab scripting to simulate physical system and I learnt Python myself (with the books Think Python and Think Complexity, I highly recommend it) and finally, the last two years I worked with Fortran77 programming Flight Control Systems.

Even though, I was never involved with web development languages so I hope I get a bunch of new programming skills from this excellent site!

See you on the road!



hi everyone
I am tamil
and I just want to create things that actually matters ,so that’s I want to learn how to code:smile:



Hi all -

Just introducing myself - Rich from London UK. 33 years young learning to code to challenge myself and possibly as a means to progress or change my career. Been working my way through quite a bit at Codecademy too recently.



Hi my name is Konrad.
I am production line operator.
I am learning to code because i want to be able to do more creative work as a developer.
I’m just starting coding, I want to improve my English too.