Welcome to freeCodeCamp's forum

Welcome to freeCodeCamp's forum


Hi Campers!

I am 25, I am a mechanical engineer with master in control engineering. I got a new job where I am working with front-end / back-end related tasks and I would like to learn more about it to get involved in developer tasks of IoT on connected cars.

I learnt for one year structured programming with C on my first year of studies and then did some implementations of different control strategies on my last years, I did a lot of matlab scripting to simulate physical system and I learnt Python myself (with the books Think Python and Think Complexity, I highly recommend it) and finally, the last two years I worked with Fortran77 programming Flight Control Systems.

Even though, I was never involved with web development languages so I hope I get a bunch of new programming skills from this excellent site!

See you on the road!


hi everyone
I am tamil
and I just want to create things that actually matters ,so that’s I want to learn how to code:smile:


Hi all -

Just introducing myself - Rich from London UK. 33 years young learning to code to challenge myself and possibly as a means to progress or change my career. Been working my way through quite a bit at Codecademy too recently.


Hi my name is Konrad.
I am production line operator.
I am learning to code because i want to be able to do more creative work as a developer.
I’m just starting coding, I want to improve my English too.


Hi there,

The name is in the info, and I’m trying out coding in order to see if it’s for me. I am curious and fascinated by tech, but want to see the real practical side of it before determining if it is, indeed, my cup’o’tea


Hello …
I am new here trying to learn web development


Hello everyone, my name is George. I look forward to learning to code with you all.



Hi Campers,
I am Sushil Parajuli from Nepal. I have joined this camp to improve my skills and expertise in Front End Development.

Best Regards


Hello guys.
My name is Muresan Vlad and I am a 22 years old student from Romania.
This is the beginning of my journey, so to say, as I never coded before. My reasons are quite simple: To challenge myself, as I have been studying literature and writing and it’s at the other end of the “skill spectrum” and to see if it’s fun or not.
So far, so good, let’s see what the future brings now.


Hi all,

I’m Giele, I’m a science communicator and science education researcher.
I’m learning to code because I want to find a new creative occupation.
I have tried some code teaching apps before and hope Freecodecamp can keep me longer as usual :slight_smile:

That’s it!


Hello everyone!
I’m Bruno.
Just start learning to code. I’m begin it because it’s very import to know how to code nowadays, when we’re surounded by technology that functions on it.

Wish the best to all!


Hello there! I’m new to coding. Enjoying it so far!


Hello everyone! I am siddhant you guys can call me sid. I am new to coding and hoping to have great experience here.



My Name is Scott

I have 14 years experience in Information Security and have wanted to learn to code for a long time. I have picked up things on my own but have a lot to learn.


Hello everyone! I am siddhant you guys can call me sid. I am new to coding and hoping to have great experience here.


I’m Wasmar, studying computer science as a course

I’m learning how to code in other to be boost my morale, i want to use the code am learning in other to earn my living via it.

I’ve been doing lots of exercises on this forum and i read lots of online books and i attend series of classes online too just to achieve my goals



My name is Andrei, i’m 20 years old leaving in Spain, i love to practice inline skate and running.

I used to play a lot of games and watch hours of tech videos on youtube , and i decided to left them cause there was no achievement or useful things for real-life in games . And i wanted to learn code but each time i started it’s was confusing(using forums and youtube) and i found the video that FCC posted 3 days ago where they created a new kind of series where Preethi Kasireddy will answer different things about engineering and so on and found out what is about this camp , and yesterday i just made my account of FFC and get started to code.

Until now i’m very satisfied with FCC program and i love it .

Have a nice day and happy code!!!


Hi there im Mike,

Decided today that I want to learn coding. I want to spend my free time learning new and usefull stuff.In the daily life I own a fishcompany (retail), thinking of making my own site with a webshop for people to order of forehand, or maybe go and do some deliveries (local only).


i am a student
i wanna change the world
trying hard to review more source code and learn more language


Hi everyone! I am new in coding. FCC is a great website. Enjoying it so far.