Welcome to freeCodeCamp's forum

Welcome to freeCodeCamp's forum


Hi Julien!
I have lived in Europe for about 20 years now but I was not born here. I had some Web Dev and programming courses at university but as far as really learning Web development I just started about three months ago. I think your English is fine:) I look forward to seeing you on here in the future!


Hey everyone, I’m Alphie

I liked the pretty things (Grapics/Illustrations etc) and started to learn to build websites with Webflow. After getting my head around the principles of code structure and flexbox I was keen to give the real thing a go, I dived straight into Javascript and React thinking that I could pick up HTML and CSS along the way, which thanks to the mighty glory of the web and the awesome people that share their knowledge online I did to a certain degree. I’m studying RWD at the mo but hope to progress through the certificates for a more rounded knowledge, not just the oasis of tit-bits you pick up when scouring infinite articles to get you past the wall.

Looking forward to learning with you guys!


Thanks for these words and welcome to you :slight_smile: Happy journey to everyone through the code !


Hello All! My name is George. I initially became interested in computer programming decades ago. While in middle school I learned BASIC and became pretty proficient in it, even winning a few programming contests. For some reason, I lost interest and pretty much dropped all things tech for several years. After careers in the military and in education, 5 years ago, I started a small remodeling company. I enjoy the work, but it got to be too physically demanding, so I shut it down a couple of months ago.
I then decided to get back into the technosphere, and I just founded a tech company. Having only a great idea and next to no current coding skills, I brought on a couple great software engineers and we are in the process of completing our app prototype.
I am here on FCC to learn as much as I can about the coding process and software development in general so I can have a better understanding of the concepts and processes involved in software development. I hope to be able to earn all of the certifications. In addition to FCC, I am also taking computer science courses on EdX.
All the duties and responsibilities of running a start-up keep me super busy, but I have set a goal to work on coding a minimum of 2 hours per day. Hopefully through FCC, I can meet some great people along the way. Cheers!


Hello, everyone. I’m from beautiful Switzerland and an apprentice at the time of speaking.
I’m learning to code as part of my job and because it interests me. So far I have been learning everything I know by myself. I also used lots of online tutorials and books.


Hello… how could I get a response to my project, if I can not include links into my messages?

edit: I can see now it is because of spam bots and only lasts for an hour or so.


Hello, my name is Mariana :slight_smile: I am fairly new to coding. I am excited to be here. I am a pre-college student from Mexico.


I’m new here, and new to coding.
I used to be a dog trainer and kennel manager, before that I was a stable manager, and for various reasons I’m looking for a career change.

I’ve dabbled in html and css when I had my business website for the dog training, so I figured that was a good place to start. I also love that there are projects so I can build a portfolio. I tend to not be very good at coming up with project ideas on my own.


Hi Mariana! Welcome and all the best in your coding adventures!


Hi @corgipower ! I think it is great that you are here learning with a career change in mind. All the best in your coding adventures!


Hi, my pseudonym’s Magnolia Fico. I am 30 years, a career shifter. So far, i have been trying to finish the first part of the curriculumn. Quiet a challenge yet the satisfaction is there.


hi ,

My name is sumeet, freelance developer, i am here to make new friends, i like talking to people from different cultures, travelling.

Computers was something which i liked since childhood. And tech fascinates me !

My goal is to become an independent freelance developer so that i can travel the world and can live a digital nomad lifestyle !

Currently i am working on android platform !


Hi there! My name is Luis Febro from Brazil.
I am learning code because I really like solving challenges. I am used to that since in my first internship which I developed some systems for a college but with macros in Excel. I am engaged in learning from front-end to back-end every single day. I discovered this website from a post of a blog about self-taught programmers. I am myself one of them. I have some experience from other programming websites. I am sure here I will find useful knowledge here, too. Especially the community support!

  • who you are
  • why you’re learning to code
  • how you’ve been learning to code so far

I am Diana.
Learning code to earn my living.
So far I am an intermediate programmer and learning is good. Thanks to freecodecamp and it’s teachers and staff.


I realised I never said hi here. So, Hi!

Or at least I think - too long to check :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I started on Khan Academy, much more hand holding then here - if you have difficulty grasping the basic concepts of JavaScript and html that could be a good place to check, but to learn intermediate and advanced material the hand holding stop and depending on where you want to go next you will need to go somewhere else - like FreeCodeCamp

I have been learning to code in my spare time during my university career, I am studying chemistry, eventually I want to continue with data science on the side, and keep also doing silly things like a rainbow rain simulator.


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Hello! im happy being with this forum today.


hi there! how are you guys…


why cant I put my link here?