Welcome to the new Salt Lake City forum!

Welcome to the new Salt Lake City forum!

Tell us who you are and where you are in your coding journey.

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I’m Brian Barrow and helped start the local freeCodeCamp group here in Salt Lake. I just started a new job at CHG Healthcare and am loving it. I’m excited to use this new format for discussions and questions.

I hope to see you all at the meetups on Tuesday nights!


I’m Drew Gillies I develop with Python (Django) and JavaScript. I’m looking for developer jobs currently.


2 1/2 years ago at the age of 34, I decided it was time to switch careers so I moved into my in-laws with my 4 kids and decided to finish my degree. I picked Software Engineering because i could do it online for relatively cheap. After 6 months of that, I started FreeCodeCamp to supplement my college courses.

I started attending FCC meetups after having gone through a good chunk of the curriculum and attended as much as I could both to learn and to teach/mentor. I find I learn a lot when I can teach others.

It was through FCC that I gained my passion for web development. It was through FCC that I started going to local meetups and getting involved with the local community. It was through FCC that I gained practical experience and built my portfolio which enabled me to get my first dev job- an internship at FamilySearch.org in Lehi as a front end developer (Polymer).

I now work at Inside Real Estate in Draper as a full stack developer (Vue/Laravel).

I finished my degree this past December, but I owe a huge portion of my success to FCC.


I’m Chris,
I’m 34 and have been looking for a career change. Web development seems like a nice fit for me. I’ve been doing FCC while I’ve been getting ready to go back to school and I think I’m addicted!

I am in the process of enrolling in the software development program at Davis Tech. I feel like FCC has been great in helping me get my feet wet.


Chris, We’re glad to have you in the community! How far are you in the FCC curriculum?

Thanks Brian! Right now I’m finishing up the Responsive Web Design projects. I’m on the Personal Portfolio right now.


Hi, I’m Alex.

I started working on FCC about a year and a half ago to help me with a Web Development course in my masters of Cartography and GIS. I finished the Responsive Web Design, JavaScript, and Data Visualization sections, and I’d Iike to complete the rest and build something interesting to supplement my portfolio now that I’m done with school. Hoping to get a dev focused job once I finish.

Currently working at UDOT in a non-development position, but I’ve been given the OK to do some coding projects when I’m not doing my essential duties.

This week I’m working on the Drum Machine project in Front End Libraries and digging into the Apis and Microservices section.


That’s awesome Alex! Good to hear your job allows you to keep learning while at work.


Thats nice and keep sharing with us.

Hey - welcome the SLC section of the forum. Could you tell us a bit more about yourself and your near-term goals?

Hey Brian, :wave:

I’m the organizer for fCC Jackson, MS, and I’ll be visiting for React Rally in August. :atom_symbol: :grin: I’m learning javascript es6 and have been learning react for about two months. :blush:

If you’re attending the conference also, I’d enjoy buying you coffee and/or lunch while I’m in town and would enjoy hearing more about how things are going in Salt Lake City. :coffee: :man_technologist:

All the best,
Eliot Sanford

Hey Eliot! I won’t be going to that conference but it would be awesome to grab lunch or coffee. What days are you in town?

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Cool! I arrive late Wed, Aug 21, then leave early Sun, Aug 25. Saturday would probably be a great day. My mentor from our larger local meetup is coming with me, so he may or may not join us.

Awesome! I’ll send you a DM so we can arrange a time to meet up.