Well written JavaScript code?

Well written JavaScript code?

Hi, I’m currently trying to figure out how to organize code, avoid spaghetti code, and other stuff like that.

I’ve completed FCC front-end 6 months ago, and I would like to compare my projects code with “good code”.

Could you please provide me with examples of well written freecodecamp advanced front-end curriculum projects ? (preferably Vanilla JS or jQuery, since I haven’t learnt Angular or React yet).

edit : ES6 is welcome.



i currently doing the same thing

this video show how he changes his spaghetti code to nice modular organised code and i found it very good and well worth watching

also here is a link to a repl sheet i wrote his code in to practice … made a few changes as he uses a mustache js library which i didnt know how to use … and i changed a little of it so i could do something different
It just shows how neat and tidy the code can look if thought is put in
so i hope to be able to do coding more like this than what i usually do



Thank you ! Exactly what I was looking for.