What about my portfolio?

What about my portfolio?


Hello world! I want your reviews on my portfolio… is this portfolio is good enough or I need to bring some changes to it…if some please tell me …
Click here https://azax25547.github.io/portfolio


To look more professional, move all your projects to your github site instead of Codepen and then offer a link to the code by linking to a repository on Github. Also, consider getting your own domain that you can forward to the github site.

Also, you need to work on making it look better when the page width gets smaller. The contact form looks strange at the following width.


Thank you so much sir… i will work on it…


apart from what @RandellDawson suggested, I don’t have anything to add. I quite like your portfolio, I can tell a lot of hard work has gone into it, well done.

great job :grinning:


Looks great @azax25547! I liked the design of your portfolio site.
It would be good to scan the text for any typos.