What are my chances to get a job?

What are my chances to get a job?

Hi everyone,
my name is Robert, i’m 29 years old, i’m from Venezuela and im learning to code Html, CSS and JS “im a beginner” because i like it, i feel motivated and i think thats that what really matters.

i want some advice, tips, comments or whatever. I want to know if at my age it’s possible to get a job doing this. i mean not right now but eventually.

  • sorry if its a stupid question
  • sorry for my english
    *thank you for your time


It’s not a stupid question. And your English is excellent. (Mejor que mi español. Mi esposa viene de Perú.) I’m also sorry to hear about all the difficulties in your country. I hope they resolve themselves quickly and peacefully.

It’s not a stupid question, but is a nearly impossible one to answer. Right now your chances are somewhere slightly above 0%. The more you learn, the more you build, and the more connections you make, that percentage will slowly rise.

Can it be done at 29? Absolutely. I did it at 47. But there are a lot of factors - the tech climate where you live, how well you interview, how many professional connections you have, and even luck.

My advice is just to learn and build things. Keep building things. Build new things and use them as an excuse to learn new libraries. Search this category - there are a lot of threads on this exact subject. There are a lot of experience and ideas.

Best of luck.



.thank you for your response, I feel very motivated, I will continue to strive to become better, and try to achieve my goal



Like what @kevinsmith said your question is not stupid at all. It’s always good to share and communicate.

Finding job or income opportunities is not a big issue. Just focus on building skills.

Good developers are in high demand. If you are a skilled developer. You will find job or any other income opportunities.

Don’t worry about age at all.

Well when finding job you may meet rejections. Like how I and everyone else face rejections also. But don’t get discouraged.

People may reject you for their different kind of reasons while others may like you the way you are so don’t take rejections personally. Everyone faces rejections it’s quite normal.

Developers can work freelance also and earn income and you can even build your app. Collaborate with few developer buddies and form a team …!



Bienvenido hermano @rtagliavia, esta es una comunidad muy colaboradora. Mi recomendación, aparte de aprender código es aprender inglés, al menos en un nivel de familiaridad, dado que la documentación está en ese idioma y que eso te abre interesantes oportunidades.

Te invito a unirte por telegram a la comunidad de FCC Vzla https://t.me/fccvzla

P.D.: Por una Venezuela libre de dictadores.
Maduro CSM!