What are the Chingu cohorts?

What are the Chingu cohorts?


I’ve seen quite a few posts that mention them. What are the Chingu cohorts and how do I apply?


Would you post some of the mentions w/ links?





Funny; I’d started http://kohortz.github.io/ not too long ago; and have been catching up on life … similar type of initiative - put me in touch if you get through, I’d appreciate it.


Oh they’re tropicalchancer’s cohorts? Didn’t know that, I thought they were different cohorts. Thanks. :slight_smile:


I’ll need to look around for those posts. Will do so tomorrow as I’m going to bed. Thanks for the links, I actually didn’t know they were tropicalchancer’s cohorts. Was wondering then the next cohorts are going to be as I’ve missed March’s cohorts.


The placement survey was just updated for May, so apply now for next month!