What are your reasons for learning Web Development?

What are your reasons for learning Web Development?


I am learning Web Development to become self independent as soon as possible to start travelling the world in order to learn and do things I must do in this one life that I have :slight_smile:


I’ve been programming almost my whole life and it never felt like work to me. I think that is a good indication that I should do nothing else, ever. Okay, maybe go to the toilet once a day, but thats it :slight_smile: . I’m especially fond of web development nowadays, because it leads to early results, which has been very successful so far with helping me to keep my self-doubt in check.


Hi ! I believe programming is like a whole world in itself . People who love at what they do to the point of being obsessed with it are the only ones who leave a legacy behind however I also believe that we only have one life and we are slowly dying so we must explore other stuff that we may love… :slight_smile:


I’m learning to gain a new useful skill in life. With all the technology being used and discovered and whatnot it just makes sense to get into web development. I love learning new things! I’ve always had a fascination with all things computers (games, systems, components, etc) and this is another piece to learn of the great machine. I hear the career pay isn’t so bad either. :slight_smile:


Learning new skills is what makes humans beings confident … good luck in your journey :slight_smile:


Because I love computer’s! Ive always wanted to get a tech related job. Web development seems like my calling. As a child I was hardcore into network security so I naturally transitioned into this. I also went to jr college for CS but did not finish :expressionless: Free Code Camp has me coding more these days than I have in the last 3 years I have been studying the subject. I can’t wait to land my first developer job, It’s all I think about these days!


Life is a female dog then you die - Nas


I’m learning coding to defend against the pending robot apocalypse. Also, growing up I always wanted to learn to code but never found the motivation to stick to it. After I graduated from college I attempted a project where we were trying to bring a makerspace to my community. It failed and I realized I needed a skill that was multi faceted, so, with a new abundance of time I decided to learn to code.


Im sick of low paying, slave driving jobs. I really do feel as if Im working for no reason. Not one job has been good enough for me to afford to move or even buy my own car. Its getting sad. People want to work you for hours on in and pay you crap. I have been rebooting computers since I was nine. Im exactly five years older than the internet. I was born for this


For sake of something good :slight_smile:


I like web development because it’s easy to learn. Earn more from it comparatively less Hard work than other online jobs.


I know it is an essential skill for the future. Even though I’m an engineer by education, coding has been my weak point so I’m trying to make my mind turn/think critically better. Even though I’m struggling and sometimes have to rely on googling/inspiriation from other posts, I’m still going to keep trying


How has your career been in regards to not worrying about where your next paycheck is coming from?


I enjoy programming because I like creating things in the digital world. It’s empowering to identify a need/want/problem and create your own solution. Im learning Web Dev because it is the best medium to share your solutions with the rest of the world.