What are your thoughts about net nutrality going away?

What are your thoughts about net nutrality going away?


In America,
Net Nutrality Is going away,
Quincy Wrote about it on medium
What are your thoughts,
Also please spread awareness and help saving the internet


simple - analogous to the Ministry of Truth, you are NOT free:



Pretty much what I expected to happen. The US’s substandard infrastructure is about to get a lot worse thanks to Pai, and this very well could directly affect our jobs as web developers.


I’m not sure how I feel about net neutrality being enforced through legal means, but I’m absolutely opposed to the practice. Let’s say there’s a new competitor to Netflix, for instance, and let’s call it Movieflix. Movieflix is a small, new startup that doesn’t have a lot of money to blow. While it offers a moderately superior product to Netflix, Netflix is able to use its money to make its service unfairly faster than Movieflix.

The metaphor might be a little weak, but I think I illustrated my point.


So to be clear, you’re for net neutrality, then? I only ask because I’m confused about what you mean by “absolutely opposed to the practice” in this context.