What do you think about my site's redesign

What do you think about my site's redesign


Hi, guys! I am done redesigning my website - http://under-the-open-sky.com. What are your thoughts about it? How are colors, animation, navigation, etc? Please give me your suggestions. I really appreciate your opinion.


Hey there!

Your site is nice ! However I have one suggestion. I am using a MacBook Pro Retina and the resolution is higher. When I land on your site, the main picture is a bit blurried. Maybe you should add a bigger picture to solve this problem !

Good job otherwise !


great work, fabulous animations, amazing creativity.


Oh, I think i could a missed this possibility during debugging. Could you send me the screenshot from your screen? I’m interested to see how much your image becomes bluried?


thanks for this compliment) is very pleased that my efforts were evaluated