What have you been learning lately?!

What have you been learning lately?!

this thread aims to be a place to dump things you’ve been diving into lately!
Maybe a language? Topic? Certain function? Cool implementation? Nifty styles? Deep dives?
Ready… set… go!


I’ve been using typescript lately! I say using instead of learning, because the linter is so picky with every change I make that it is teaching me while I use it… I’ll get used to it!
Also, vscode loves typescript and it makes autocomplete so much faster!


I’m currently diving into Node, Express and MongoDB.
I’m enjoying it but need to solidify my understanding of queries very well.


What is something you like that you have built?!


Been working a lot in bash scripting recently, writing my own custom linux tools :robot:


I have just built few micro services but they are not yet fetching to the database.
I’m yet about to make a small CRUD app for that.

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Oh, I’ve been wanting to do some of that!
Any tools that are general enough to post? I’d love to see how other people are doing this