What have you been learning lately?!

What have you been learning lately?!

this thread aims to be a place to dump things you’ve been diving into lately!
Maybe a language? Topic? Certain function? Cool implementation? Nifty styles? Deep dives?
Ready… set… go!

I’ve been using typescript lately! I say using instead of learning, because the linter is so picky with every change I make that it is teaching me while I use it… I’ll get used to it!
Also, vscode loves typescript and it makes autocomplete so much faster!

I’m currently diving into Node, Express and MongoDB.
I’m enjoying it but need to solidify my understanding of queries very well.

What is something you like that you have built?!

Been working a lot in bash scripting recently, writing my own custom linux tools :robot:

I have just built few micro services but they are not yet fetching to the database.
I’m yet about to make a small CRUD app for that.

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Oh, I’ve been wanting to do some of that!
Any tools that are general enough to post? I’d love to see how other people are doing this

Newbie checking in with saying I’m finally getting the hang of JS! Almost done with my FCC certification, should be done by the end of the week.

Sorry I did not know it was a study group …:rofl:

Care to post one of your projects?!

@mckelveygreg I will! My JS projects for FCC aren’t that exciting(just tough algorithm challenges) but I have several other JS projects I’ll post as soon as I get them all online and not just sitting on my computer. Maybe by this weekend and I’ll post some stuff up. Right now I just have my codepens from the first responsive web design cert online.

Well, I even like a creative ‘map’ or ‘reduce’ function:)

So you know all of the array methods and challenges and puzzles etc? I spent half of today essentially doing that! Here is what I made:

// this takes an array of testAnswers from a quiz that was just taken, 
// counts up the similar results and sorts them from greatest to least,
// then, reduces it to only the highest value or values
// and finally breaks any ties by comparing it to the tieBreakerOrder!

const PersonalityType = {
    SHY : "shy",
    RISK_TAKER : "risk-taker",
    EXTROVERT : "extrovert",
    ATHLETIC : "athletic",
    KIND_HELPFUL : "kind-helpful",

const testAnswers = ["kind-helpful", "kind-helpful", "extrovert", "extrovert", "risk-taker", ]
const tieBreakerOrder = [

let countedAnswer = testAnswers.reduce((map, current) => {
  map[current] = (
    map[current] || 0
  ) + 1
  return map
}, [])
console.log(countedAnswers) // [ 'kind-helpful': 2, extrovert: 2, 'risk-taker': 1 ]

countedAnswer = [...Object.entries(countedAnswer)]
  .sort((a, b) => b[1] - a[1])
  .reduce((accum, curr) => {
    if (accum[0] === undefined) {
      return accum
    if (accum[0][1] === curr[1]) {
    return accum
  .map(item => item[0])         
console.log(countedAnswer) // [ 'kind-helpful', 'extrovert' ]

const result = tieBreakerOrder.find(win => {
  return countedAnswer.some(val => val === win)
console.log(result) // kind-helpful

Not sure how long this was supposed to take me, but it works!
Also, I’m super open to refactoring this make it more… elegant??

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Alright I’m slowly but surely beginning to get some of my projects up on GitHub! That’s a learning process all its own! Here’s a basic little book list I made using mostly JS. This wasn’t an FCC project but I’ll put it here to share anyway. https://github.com/hatbearingoctopus/Book-List

Hope your trip went or is going well @mckelveygreg

Group has been pretty quiet… what’s everyone up to programming wise? It has been crazy hot this week so I’ve been hiding inside as much as possible. Currently progressing through a udemy course and still working on getting all my projects and other notable code to GitHub.

Just a quick reminder we have our July meetup fast approaching! If you think you can make it please check out and RSVP using the event post: July coding meetup!

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Just used CSS to automagically truncate and shorten a string, and then add an ellipsis on the end! I love just using pure CSS!

The MVC .net framework using the .Net Core cross-platform environment on Ubuntu 18.

I recently learned some Spring Boot and Angular so I kinda want to get mainstream since my city is all .net jobs and angular jobs.

We have some .net stuff here, and we use Spring Boot at work, but I’m all React :slight_smile: