What is the best coding practice site?

What is the best coding practice site?


There are plenty of sites that help you improve your coding skills and prepare for technical interviews like:

  • HackerRank
  • CheckiO
  • CodeAbbey
  • CodeWars
  • CodinGame
  • LeetCode
  • etc.
    Do you use any of these? What is in your opinion the best one? I’ve using CodeWars for a while and i’ve been enjoying it but i’d like to know if there’s something better out there :smile: If yours isn’t in this quick made list or you have any other opinion about these sites, please feel free to share it.


I use CodeWars and personally think its the best.


Hackerrank is great, but if you’re willing to branch out, CodeChef, TopCoder and Codeforces hold better contests with better problems. Those would require learning C++, C, Java or (on a few) Python. However, coding skills translate to any language, so I would recommend giving these a go.


I think HackerRank and CodeWars are both great.

You may also want to check out Coderbyte and CodeFights.

If you need regex practice Regex Crossword is also fun.