What is the best to learn when just starting?

What is the best to learn when just starting?


Hello, everyone.
I just joined CodeCamp and was wondering what is the best way to learn(with the Personal Portfolio and Tribute Page etc). Being a perfectionist or just to complete the user stories and learn all the ‘cool’ stuff the example does later?


Well for me it’s just to start coding anything, also I’m using my website as a portfolio to document my journey into becoming a front end dev. When it comes to difficult parts, I revisit them as I’m moving on. Just my opinion, I know everyone learns differently.


For the first two projects, I’d suggest just banging them out so you can move on. Mastering JavaScript should be your goal, and when you get the the later projects you can have all sorts of fun adding interesting features.


Get break them down into their individual requirements. First focus on just getting it working and meeting the requirements. Then take another pass and make it a little bit nicer (better looking, better content, more elegant code, whatever) piece by piece without breaking any existing functionality. Lather rinse repeat until it feels good enough to you (or you just get sick of it).


I think it depends on how you work and learn best and what makes you happy, to be honest.

I take a long time over each project and work on it until it’s portfolio-ready (not perfect, but good enough that I wouldn’t be embarrassed for my colleagues to see it!) However, I do this on the understanding that it significantly slows my progress through the FCC course. It works for me and that’s the important thing. We’re all individuals, to quote Monty Python. Find what works for you and do it!


I am working on a youtube series to help cover the basics of programming in javascript here if you need additional resources: