What is the best udemy course in 2018?

What is the best udemy course in 2018?
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What is the best Udemy Courses for web developer now in July 2018 for you?


One of my favorites is Brad Schiff’s “Git a Web Developer Job: Mastering the Modern Workflow”. It really helped me understand things like Git, GitHub, NPM, WebPack, Gulp, and a bunch of other VERY useful tools for making front end development easier. I’m in love with the B.E.M. philosophy of naming conventions.


The Web Developer Bootcamp continues to be the top web development course on Udemy.
Some of the content needs to be updated, but the community is thriving and the support team is active on a daily basis to help with all student questions.
See here for a recent student success story.



I personally used the “Laravel 5.4 from scratch” series by the guys at Laracasts where they cover all the basics of Laravel or authentication, relationships etc. I’d highly recommend checking it out for anybody who wants to learn Laravel