What is the simplest page you have done?

What is the simplest page you have done?


Not sure that’s the right title…
I mean, who has done a page that does little, if anything, but fill a simple need?

Personally, my niece and I play the board game “Clue”… When we play, it seems every pen and pencil in the house goes into hiding, and we have nothing to use on the ‘detective notes’ pad for some reason.
So, one night I took a few minutes and threw together a digital ‘detective notes’ online…
Uses check box form input, and bootstrap for the responsive aspect (to work on tablet or phone)… Form doesn’t submit anywhere, just lets you check off the same options as the paper…
A coworker suggested adding multiple columns to track what each player shows you, and I have considered using a session cookie to avoid the Chrome browser issue of it clearing the form if you reload it on a mobile device (Firefox doesnt seem to do that). But it truly was a throw together just to fill the need for a way to play the game easier.

Just wondering if anyone else has done anything similar.

And, if you want to check out the form (or play a game of Clue without a pen), its at http://kf6kmx.net/clue