What is you perfered text editor? An informal poll

What is you perfered text editor? An informal poll

Even if you’ve started using Sublime or Atom, I’d strongly recommend switching to Visual Studio Code. I did so about a month ago and haven’t regretted it. Here’s why it’s so great:

(Bear in mind, I’m on a Mac, so I can’t speak for VSC on Windows – but quite likely it’s as good or better, as it’s made by Microsoft).

  • It’s free and open source (like Atom, but not Sublime).
  • It’s positioned smartly about halfway between a text editor and a full IDE – and includes a lot of the pros of each but not the cons.
  • It requires almost no configuration to use productively. Here’s one example, If you enter a CSS colour like #333, by default it shows the colour in a small box right by your code. This was fiddly to set up in Sublime Text (don’t know about Atom). Do you want to be setting up something like this that should so obviously be built into the core product?
  • It has amazing Git integration. There’s a small learning curve here, but it’s well worth the effort.
  • It uses a lot of the same keyboard shortcuts as Sublime and Atom (and Codepen). A few are different, but not many. This is important, as it means you can switch between Codepen and VSC without losing productivity.
  • Microsoft has taken a lot of great features from its commercial Visual Studio package like Intellisense and added them to VSC. You’re probably not getting everything in the commercial version, but what you get is great.
  • It even looks pretty good!

There were a couple of things I was used to in Sublime Text that I couldn’t quickly work out how to do in VSC, but I still benefited greatly overall from all the good stuff I’ve mentioned here.



I love vim, because the speed of writing and editing code is only limited by how fast you can think.

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I use Brackets currently but find myself doing PHP more and more (Wordpress, Drupal). Wondering if maybe switching to Atom with a PHP debugger plugin would be better. I found one for Brackets but couldn’t get it to work. I do also have Netbeans IDE, but my mac is old (2009, 6GB of RAM) that coding in Netbeans is super slow.



I tried to work with atom. I don’t know why but it didn’t suit me. I used geany for c++, which seems to work fine for this tutorials too. For Javascript I usually jump to repl. After reading this replies I am thinking of trying out sublime too.

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“waiter, waiter”

“lemme guess, there’s a fly in your soup?”

“no i just wanted to say I use Vim”



Recently switched to Atom and immediately dropped Sublime. Then, started learning VIM. Now, I only use Atom with the VIM plugin.

Modding Sublime was a little complicated, Atom makes it much easier. The way of VIM is…you have to try it fi you have the time. Add to that a modern UI and it’s the best of both worlds.



Definitely Visual Studio Code for quick edit. And for bigger projects - Visual Studio. They’re both fast and powerful, of course the “adult” Visual Studio is much more powerful but it’s a huge piece of software



Atom user here.

Agree that is is a little slow, especially compared to the likes of Sublime. But i just like how everything comes together in atom with the plugins and themes.

I have also used visual studio code. I liked it too, but the plugins atm are just too few in number. The way it handles tabs and split screens are not intuitive imo, but keyboard warriors might like it. YMMV.



Atom FTW! But hearing alot of talk about Visual Studio Code. Downloaded to test at my day job, haven’t had much interaction with it yet.



I like to use Visual studio code



Forgot all. use VIM!

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Sublime Text 3 – for the moment. Would like to mention that I really like JSBin for quick and realtime in-browser debugging. Have yet to try Atom, though seeing this post really entices me to check it out…!



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As for me and some professional JavaScript developers say, that WebStorm is ths best IDE to use for developing. Everything in WebStrom made to code easy.

I love it:)



I have Atom and Sublime Text 3, but Atom’s incredibly slow startup puts me off. Sublime is incredibly fast and you can always get plugins to make it look nicer or get features atom has. The Material theme is gorgeous. I’ll agree that it’s easier to mod Atom, since it’s based on JS and CSS, but it’s really not worth it for me.

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I also agree with this.



I really like Sublime Text 3 and Atom



Currently I use Atom, switched from Brackets. But my friend is pushing me to try the new Visual Studio.
All these editors mentioned are cross platform (mac or windows).



I usually use Notepad++ since it’s really fast and simple.

I also use Visual Studio, NetBeans and Eclipse for specific languages (C#, Java). Those are nice with all syntax tips (especially VS, it kinda writes half of the code for you), but much slower. And sometimes I use emacs, but you kinda have to learn it itself before you can use it properly and I never had enough time to get into it.



I find Atomic the most convenient. I like the features and the plug-ins and soon I’ll use react which is very easy to program on atom.