What is your favorite Linux Distro?

What is your favorite Linux Distro?


For all of us who use Linux, BSD or some other free / libre operating system to get the job done, which distribution(s) do you use? What are the advantages of you OS of choice?


I use Manjaro. I really like it because i get all the benefits of using Arch but i dont have to go trough the trouble of installing it on my own on a command line. The instalitaion process takes 15-20 minutes and i get a fresh new distro with a WM of my choice.



  • Newbie friendly
  • Great community and existent knowledge base
  • Relatively stable
  • Big software repository
  • Wide range of flavors (with different desktop environments and sets of packages)


Any form of Ubuntu, because of the apt package manager.

I personally use Ubuntu (always the latest version), with the i3 window manager.

  • Kali for auditing.
  • Ubuntu for casual browsing.
    That’s about it.


Now i just use my macbook. (OSX)
Some time ago i use ubuntu on my dell xps. I love it!
Much more easier, faster and beautiful than windows.


As stated in another post, I use Antergos on my home machine, and Manjaro in a virtualized environment on my Macbook. The only reason I didn’t install Manjaro on bare metal is because I still have to use Adobe products from time to time.

From 5.10 to the 16.04 release , Ubuntu was my main distro of choice. I switched to arch based distros because I felt that Canonical had shipped a disappointing LTS and chose an arch-based distribution so I didn’t have to mess around with PPAs anymore.

This is not to say that I’ve totally washed my hands of Ubuntu. I had a very good ten year relationship with the distro. But I’m thinking that I’ll give it a year to fix some of the bugs in the initial release, and see if this whole snap packages thing takes off.


Ubuntu is just perfect


Fedora and SUSE are very good because is orientated for developers.


Ubuntu for most of my work. But, my personal favorite is Arch all the way.


I dual boot Mint and Kali.


I use elementary os when I’m not in Windows. I really like it.



There’s support and articles everywhere for every version of Ubuntu.
I just prefer debian based linux, Ububntu is the best supported.


Ubuntu is the best. :smiley:


I generally always find my way back to Arch. Installed it this last time with the help of Architect.

Ubuntu was the first distro I really used, though, and i have tried a few of distros, OpenSuse, Fedora, and Mint


Ubuntu 16.04 here… I am considering trying mint but ubuntu fits my workflow.


I mentioned it in a previous comment, but I’m really enjoying Crunchbang++. It’s built on Debian as well, and strikes a nice middle ground between the Ubuntu/Mint style and the Arch type of distro. It’s minimal, but functions pretty nicely out of the box without needing much in the way of extra configuration and setup.


I use Arch Linux. it takes time to install and setup, but past that is very fast and stable. Downside: is not for beginners.


Fedora works very well for me.


Antergos. An Archlinux-like distro. Fast, rolling-release, the best wiki I ever seen (the archlinux’s one) and Antergos ship and easy installer to save time.