What is your favorite Linux Distro?

What is your favorite Linux Distro?

I prefer using Parrot OS

I go with a Gentoo. Everything is highly customizable and the heart of it is a unique, well-supported, source-based package manager (everything get compiled directly for your needs). However, the it needs some time to learn how things work under the hood to be able to manage occasional problems.

For servers RHEL/CentOS, for my desktop i use Fedora

Kubuntu LTS. I am using it for a few years now.

No messing with PPAs
Rolling release - no waiting ages for the latest package updates.
Great forum community.
It just works.

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In terms of what I actually use, as opposed to what just seem theoretically cool, I’d have to say Ubuntu is my go-to. The apt package manager is fantastically implemented, at least for me.

I’ve fiddled around quite a bit with Kali, seeing what I can do to some VM I set up, but that’s just a playground, not a home.

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I use Ubuntu 16.04

Its easy to find support and learn Ubuntu …

I would like to know about other good options also

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I’m a PC user, been so since the 90’s, whenever I needed linux or bash shell I used to have to partition my hard drive and install linux separately, it got annoying maintaining 2 separate os on my machine, not to mention very buggy, enter Windows 10 , it lets you run any Linux system on windows via the windows store, it is fantastic, once installed, in the powershell CLI just type bash, and you have a linux bash shell, no separate os, no nothing , it is great, for those who like me need to be on a PC but need a linux bash, I highly recommend it

I :heart: Ubuntu!

18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish has a great theme. :slight_smile:


Here is the Linux Distro Family tree.

Chose your linux distro and reply why you like it. :blush:

Image Source: https://distrowatch.com/images/other/distro-family-tree.png

I like Ubuntu Mate on desktop. I also have downloaded this chinese distro that starts with a D for a couple of weeks ago but haven’t got time to free up my SSD so I can install it for a test drive.

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When I first started using Linux years ago I used Mint, and I found it to be - in my opinion - the best for someone using Linux for the first time, a beginner, someone who’s always been used to Windows. These days, I find Kali to be the best. Kali is best for security. Wasn’t’ meant for beginners, so those new to Linux should start on a simpler distro, like Mint.

It’s a long time since I haven’t tried any Linux distros. Don’t know if I’m just lucky but Windows always works great for me.
Anyway, some months ago I decided to give another try and test some distros.

  • Fedora 29 - Really nice.
  • Deepin - Great and with a great UI.
  • Manjaro Deepin - Great distro and with the nice Deepin UI.

I’m using the Manjaro Deepin right now, it was my best experience so far with Linux. Found a way to sync One Drive and Google Drive with no problems (sure, a lot to do and a lot to read, but it’s working), the UI is great and it’s almost stable as my Windows 10 install (No joke, i often see more apps crashing on Linux).

I’m waiting for Ubuntu 19.04 to check the Budgie version, then I’ll decide between Ubuntu and Manjaro.

I’ve Ubuntu installed on my machine. Due to reliability and low size I’m using it. It has very simple and clean UI.

I use Kubuntu.

I love the KDE desktop, and Ubuntu just makes life easy. I used Fedora for a couple years, then OpenSuse. I started using Kubuntu about a year ago and by far it’s the easiest to install software and get things working in my opinion. I just started learning Kali Linux on a Raspberry Pi3 as a side project too.

I am using Ubuntu Bionic. For IE testing, I have Windows 7 (IE11) and Windows 10 (Edge) virtual boxes imported locally. Whenever I need to test site on those machines, I fire them up and get the job done. I am completely satisfied with Ubuntu.

I really like Arch Linux. But since I could either spend all day in the Arch wiki or all day learning on freeCodeCamp, I use Manjaro. :sunglasses:

@thisIsWhat summed up Manjaro very eloquently, so no need for me to say anything else!

I started using linux with ubuntu, but I was bored with updating it all the times. Now I use debian because its user friendly and stable.

I like Debian the most because it uses apt packaging (like ubuntu) and gives you a lot of street cred for doing one of the ‘hard’ OSes. Debian also has a whole lot of documentation for web development (Apache2, NGINX) on digital ocean.

Especially good for beginners.