What is your favorite Linux Distro?

What is your favorite Linux Distro?


So is Crunchbang based on the debian rolling release?


Crunchbang and either of the continuations of the project (Crunchbang++ or Bunsen Labs) are based on the stable branch. If the older packages are a concern, adding backports or testing repos seems to work pretty well from what I’ve read.


I have linux mint on my main PC and Ubuntu Mate on a laptop.


Would be Elementary OS, which is based on Ubuntu. Besides Elementary OS, I would go with Linux Mint and then vanilla Ubuntu. Not sure what this Bash mode is coming to Windows 10, but it seems more useful to just dual boot =)

Oh, forgot a link to Elementary OS: Elementary OS


Thank you guys. It looks like there are a lot of Ubuntu users on this thread. How many of you have migrated to 16.04? Has some of the bugs that were in the initial release been fixed yet? I was having some bad experiences with their new software store, some packages not indexing correctly and got an SHA256 error when I went to install google-chrome.

I’d love to see those issued resolved, because as I said before, I had been using the distro for close to ten years before I migrated to Antergos and Manjaro.and I was kinda sad when we had to part company.


I use Ubuntu. I formerly used Fedora, but I don’t feel that it is as easy to use as Ubuntu for desktops. Ubuntu seems to have better support for drivers, etc. in the repositories. Fedora is probably better for servers. Either way, I use the gnome classic interface. Sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback! You’ll love it.


I usually stick to the default LTS that is offered with the distro I use. Both Linux Mint and Elementary OS stick with about one Ubuntu release behind, and only upgrade once the newer version has stabilized. But it is always offered as an option to upgrade the underlying version of Ubuntu if you please. With a disclaimer of course.


Ubuntu, since I started using it when it was alpha long long ago :slight_smile:


Ubuntu for day to day things

Lubuntu for travelling, due to it’s great battery consumption.


Ubuntu Mate or Mint Mate. I love the Mate distributions of these two, because it keeps things simple and uncluttered. Regular Ubuntu’s Unity interface is ridiculous in my opinion, because it hides everything away and takes an unnecessary amount of learning just to figure out where everything is. The Mate version of it fixes most of that by reverting back to the older Ubuntu interface while retaining modern Ubuntu’s strengths.

If I was forced into a corner, I’d say Mint is still better than Ubuntu, and Mint Mate is even better. Just my opinion. :slight_smile:


Ubuntu and it’s various flavours are the best for anyone coming off the windows environment. Its very intuitive if that is what you are used to. I personally use Kubuntu for a completely superficial reason: The desktop is pretty.


Well, the current Ubuntu, which uses it’s “Unity” interface, actually looks like it is more inspired by OSX than Windows. The older versions of Ubuntu, as well as Ubuntu Mate, retain the more “Windowy” look.

Today, if someone is coming to Linux from Windows, I’d recommend going with Mint instead of Ubuntu now. However, if they are coming from a Mac environment, then modern Ubuntu is fine.


My two cents here
I fluctuate among Ubuntu and Kubuntu (at work for example KMail is well integrated with my company’s outlook email). Tried also Fedora and ElementaryOS. The last one is perfect for a user that knows already what to install, since it’s a bit poor with software already installed.

Always used the last version as soon as possible and I’ve never had a problem.


I want to try Elementary OS but how is it for command line things? I often boot up Ubuntu to run a quick meteor server. Does EOS offer good support for these things?


The short response is yes.
A bit longer response is that Elementary OS is a Ubuntu based distro, so you can do whatever you want as well as with Ubuntu. The eOS default terminal is a little too simple for my taste, tough, so I suggest you to try Terminator.


I choose ubuntu for good support.


Very good to know. Thank you!


@Andrparsons: I think that’s why I also chose Manjaro and Antergos. Both the KDE and Gnome desktops strike me as being closest to a completed product. Although you say that your love of Kubuntu is superficial, its always good to code in an environment that makes you happy, as it has a positive impact on workflow.


I’ve been wanting to try out Arch-linux for a while, should I go for one of those (which one would you recommend? ) or maybe use Architect and stick to “pure” arch?


Yea, as they told you, it’s basically the same, just prettier :smiley: give it a go, you won’t look back.