What is your favorite Linux Distro?

What is your favorite Linux Distro?


Ubuntu 16.04 on my laptop and Mint 17.3 on one of my desktops (I like the variety/quasi start menu). Debating flipping back to Mate or Gnome on my laptop due to limited screen space (14" @ 1366x768) but too lazy to change it up.


Ubuntu 16.04 for desktop. Debian 8 for servers.


EOS tends to stay about 1 or two releases of Ubuntu behind at the core. So some packages may require 16.04 but EOS may be on 14.04, with 15.04 coming this year. But as always, you can upgrade Ubuntu if you choose, but some features may not work correctly. Other thing is that EOS is very streamlined and minimal in what comes included. But this is a good thing. So you could easily customize it all you want, even for the command line. The main focus of EOS us the user interface, which is easily worth it as a workspace. Elementary will be offering the official Linux mode on Mac OS as well: http://blog.elementary.io/post/142076012991/introducing-elementary-for-os-x


Just updated to Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS just because it makes me able to concentrate on doing dev stuff more than worrying about getting my distro setup.


Admittedly slacking but I’m dual booting a laptop with Ubuntu Rebecca Cinnamon 16.04 Ubuntu (mostly because I am watching Netflix, haha) and Mint 17.4. Everything works Smooth Sailing if you wait a week for an update here and then problems evap.


Ubuntu has the best hardware support and other support…


@iheartkode, up until yesterday, I probably would have disagreed with that, but I was doing a Linux install for a friend of mine, and had to use Ubuntu Mate because I was working with an older wifi card, that wasn’t playing nicely with Antergos. Mental note to self: avoid broadcom cards like the plague(lol).


I’m currently using Ubuntu, after using Mint for a while.


Ubuntu very user friendly.


Basically, eOS stays with Ubuntu LTS, this is why sometimes is behind one release or two.


Wow, we have a lot of Ubuntu lovers here!


Yes, thank you for the more clear explanation :blush::+1:


Ubuntu Mate 16.04! Used Ubuntu for a couple of years but I like an empty desktop. Ubuntu Mate with Synapse rocks, Mate Tweak interface Redmond with auto hide.


I personally use Debian, i really love this distro and another distro that i use is CentOS :blush:


A slight revision on my choices. 4GB of ram run Ubuntu 16.04 proper. Less than that lubuntu is hard to beat (my sons lap top is 2 gbs and lubuntu with an amd a8 made a much better experience than vanilla ubuntu on my i7 4500u w/8GB.) i am also considering running gitlab on a raspberry pi 3 to store my private repos.

The silly dock in ubuntu is such a productivity tool once you use it for a bit.


I switched to Debian from Ubuntu recently and it is awesome. Seems to be faster and more reliable. I use XFCE at work and Mate at home.


I’ve been really wanting to get into Arch, but I also haven’t had the time to sit down and configure it proper so I’ve been using mint and it’s pretty nice. gets the job done.


Lubuntu simply cause its lightweight and its smoother then ubuntu imho.


I develop on servers that use Ubuntu and CentOS. Usually my Virtual machines are running Ubuntu.


I am using Ubuntu on both family computers (desktop and laptop) and our little server. I am also using lubuntu for older PCs and Mint for friends I introduce to LInux. For production I stick to LTS editions but for personal use I go with the latest ones.