What is your favorite Linux Distro?

What is your favorite Linux Distro?


@Cadaver, have you considered using an arch derivative, like Manjaro or Antergos. Less set up time but a lot of archy goodness :slight_smile:


Linux Mint for dekstop and Ubuntu for server.


I have, but sadly i could get neither distro going on a virtual machine for whatever reason…


An alternative to Manjaro is Antergos.

Manjaro, while a great distro, does not have bleeding edge updates.


My favorite distro is Sorcerer - because I newer had luck install all and use as a normal Desktop, most hardcore stuff and most mysterious\favorite distro.


I have had the same unending failures configuring virtual machines then discovered I could download light versions and boot directly from USB sticks. Install from these if wanted but they just run, albeit slower than an install. Problem solved. Thought I’ never boot Kali!


just dumped ubuntu yesterday and clean install of LinuxMint. It’ works great so far.


Ubuntu is the best.
You get the power,control,security along with great software packages easily available.
Any flavour would do,there are one for everyone


I’ve been curious about i3wm. Right now I’m using Mate as my DE because I loved Gnome2, and I keep hearing amazing things about i3wm.


Graphical Linux distro would be Ubuntu, but for something headless I run Debian. Back in the day my favorite was CrunchBang Linux, until it was retired.


Something Debian based. Mint XFCE has been lowest maintenance for me and is still fast.


For me at the moment it ElementaryOS . This guide helped me set up my dev environment for it as well Web Development on elementary OS 0.4.0 Loki


Antegos is the best all the way. Built on top of Arch LInux!


I’ve been distro hopping for as long as I’ve been using Linux, and I’ve finally learned that I’ll never find that “perfect” combination of distro/DE. I realized the best one is the one I’m using, which is currently Mint 18 with cinnamon.


I’m currently using Antergos on my desktop, and Xubuntu on my laptop, but I am planning to get rid of Xubuntu, and get up and running Arch Linux instead.


I really like Raspbian-- I don’t use it on my computer very much, but it has been done, and it runs pretty well. It has just about every common programming language under the sun already installed (and then some), but it is designed for raspberry pi, so I’m not sure if it’d be robust enough for your needs. If you want something that runs really fast, it works really well!


I enjoy using Fedora and Ubuntu.


Been using puppy linux … It’s easy to install (you can get the steps from the official site) and runs from a pendrive. I can save my profile on the drive and carry it with me to God knows where and still have everything intact. It’s pretty fast and a fun ‘tiny’ distro :blush:



Why? I fall in love with arch based distros but I don’t have the patience for the whole difficult process that an Arch re installation requires. Antergos and Manjaro have all the power that an Arch distro can offer you without all the complexity.
Also, if you have problems with something, the community of Arch very huge and is likely to be solved.


I use Ubuntu and Mint GUI environment and Fedora Server for CLI… depends on your preferences