What is your favorite Linux Distro?

What is your favorite Linux Distro?

I use Linux Mint and Manjaro.



I like Ubuntu for the OS for backend server hosting solutions.



I use Elementary OS when not on Windows 10



Of the all the following Linux distributions I have used, I prefer Fedora and Mint. It’s a toss up for me. However, all aside, I use them all from time-to-time for learning purposes. Arch is great for learning to build from the ground up. :slight_smile:



Arch Linux | Antergos(Arch Linux - based distro)

I find this distribution the best. It requires that one have the time and deep knowledge of setting up things, but once it’s set up, the distribution works perfectly fine. It’s fast, you only get what you truly need, and don’t have to be bothered uninstalling plenty of crappy stuff. The installation itself only gives you the core functionality, the rest is up to every user.

A side note: any Linux distribution is better than Windows!

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I use ubuntu and i really enjoy it

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You´re right, absolutely beautiful arch-based distro. I always came back to Antergos with Gnome. ASide that, for people with legacy machines I suggest Debian unstable with xfce.

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Ubuntu, Fast, user friendly, big community support. Everyday i learn new things form it. I’m still learning about Linux OS. For me linux os is best for developer.

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Ubuntu, it support all my material even if i do prefer Debian

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1)It has got the best community
2)smooth user interface
3)more applications available as compare to another os

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Long time Fedora user here. I probably count as a power(ish) user, as itʼs part of my day job to manage Linux systems.



Use Arch on my main box and Siduction on the laptop.



I love Manjaro, but for working purposes what works best for me
is pure solid Debian and Ubuntu.

I’m really looking forward to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS i hope its gonna be great :slight_smile:



elementary OS is awesome :grinning:



The person who recommended Pop! in this forum prompted me to try it. So far very happy. It seems to be ubuntu with a nicer interface :slight_smile:

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I was a long time Arch Linux user, but got tired of constantly having to mess about with it, especially as it was my daily driver. Now i’m on a Mac, use CentOS for KVM virtual machines, and Alpine Linux in Docker for pretty much anything else.

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By the way the same PC (bought last year) I put Windows10 on, which regularly blue screened at random moments and then refused to recover. With Pop linux on it hasn’t crashed once. :thinking:



I’ve used both Manjaro and Antergos, and I have to say I kind of prefer Manjaro for two reasons. The first is that I think the ecosystem coherence is a little stronger, visually and in terms of support online. The second is that the large set of updates every week or so, while not bleeding edge, are certainly fun to watch in terminal. Both are great distros, and AUR really sells either one.



I distro hopped for a fair while, starting like most people it seems with Ubuntu. I’ve been on Arch for the longest time and can’t imagine switching to anything other than Gentoo or possibly a musl based distro.

I’d not exactly recommend it to a newcomer, not because there’s anything inherently “hard” about Arch, but because when people switch for the first time they want something that just works without thinking too much about it.

The biggest difference between the mainstream distros is ultimately just the package manager and repositories, as you can always switch to another DE or WM if you like fairly straightforwardly (I use dwm on pretty much all the distros I’ve used)

I switched my parents to Ubuntu and they’re liking it much more than Windows (though I’ll be upgrading them to 18.04 on the release date (26th) so we’ll see how they react to the change)

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You all make me feel old, almost just Debian and Arch derivatives here. I used Manjaro when it was still Mandrake. :smiley: Nowadays I mostly install OpenSuse Tumbleweed.

Ubuntu, Arch, Source Mage, Slackware, LFS, anything RPM-based: never again. Nix, Gentoo: maybe, though I’m not sure the extra configurability is worth it any more.

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