What is your favorite Linux Distro?

What is your favorite Linux Distro?

out of interest why wouldn’t you use either Arch, Ubuntu, or an rpm distro ever again?

I can understand the others fairly well except for those. Arch is similarly bleeding edge to tumbleweed is it not?

Ubuntu and a particular few rpm distros are the distros I’ve seen most commonly at work places (ubuntu in academia, fedora or RHEL in industry) and I can’t say I’ve particularly minded except for a few issues with outdated RHEL packages (by design)



Almost always due some package management idiosyncrasies or a combination with attention to quality. I was a pm developer for a long while, so I have higher expectations, even more so from well established projects.

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Deepin Linux is my favorite currently.



Linux lite is a fast, lightweight and suitable for beginners



Debian of course. Reason to choose to debian:

It is maintained by its users.
Unparalleled support
The best packaging system in the world.
Easy installation
Incredible amounts of software
Various desktop environment like : gnome, kde, xfce, lxd, ubuntu mate, openbox (you can switch it )
Easy upgrades
Multiple architectures and kernels
Stability, Fast and easy on memory
Good system security



Solus OS.
It’s fast on my relatively old machine, really stable, never had any bugs or crashes on two machines in the last year. Incredibly easy to use, desktop orientated, easy on resources. One of the biggest cons is a small number of packages in the repo but I’ve got everything I need so far so it’s not a con for me at the moment.



Ubuntu, but not found any advantages, by the way i use it for an introductory course,the same work can be done on windows also easily.



For good old memories: Puppy, Slax and Knoppix.
They are still really good today. I like that they are bootable from cd or pendrive, and have lots of apps included (Puppy and Knoppix), and are small (Puppy and Slax).
Hey, I don’t want to forget Damn Small Linux with just 50mb!.

Back into the present… every day I use Ubuntu.



Gotta say manjaro linux. So much fun learning and it is based on arch!



Kali, for security stuff. I was actually going the OSCP/OSCE route when I came to FreeCodeCamp to learn JavaScript, because one of the only things I didn’t understand was XSS attacks. I’ve since come to love the developer side of stuff (as well as the pay once I’ve got a few years experience) and am trying to go the Full Stack or Back End Engineer route.

Ubuntu and/or Mint. I usually trade off and install the other one than what I have every few months, but I think my current Ubuntu distro is going on 2 years. Although I have had other HDD’s with Mint I’d swap out for every once in a while. I like both, but I like Ubuntu more and probably use it twice as much as mint.

Arch is cool for playing around with Linux and really getting your hands dirty. I think that’s what I used when I tried building my own custom distro (I failed that time, but I will try again).



I used any major distributions there is.

Gentoo hits home with me as it’s the pinnacle of customization and stability in the world of linux distros.

It simply does not get any better than that.

Optimizing and building against your own hardware and specific CPU set of instructions is as good as it gets in terms of performance and stability.

So, hard? Maybe,

Time consuming? Just the first time.

But the ROI is unparalleled, undeniable and obvious and that explains the hardcore, die-hard community that keeps it alive over the years.

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I disagree in part, I want to keep everything up to date and I don’t mind compile times themselves as I would just do the compiles overnight for larger builds

However, I can’t justify to myself the electricity cost of compiling things for a negligible(!) performance benefit when one person can compile generically and share the binary as in arch

It’s not the financial cost you see, but the concept overall multiplied over a lot of users, so I prefer the generic packages with custom compiles for things I care to customise

Perhaps I should use a binary Gentoo repository but somehow that feels wrong to me, portage is phenomenal and it’d be ruining the entire purpose and point



I use Ubuntu many years ago, although still learning, in my opinion this system have a comparative advantage from technical and practical point of view. Community driven and lots of information that can help you to develop your own path as a user o developer.



I used Ubuntu because it was easy to learn as I was new to all this. Also quick google search would solve my issues. I just started using Kali. I am still getting used to it but kali linux has a ton of built in tools for security. Right now my preference is ubuntu but I think with more understanding of kali I would enjoy using it more.

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Linux mint cinamon the best.

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I jumped off with Ubuntu, floated through Debian, and now have happily landed in Antergos, an Arch based distro, and couldn’t be happier.

I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone as there tends to be a bit more maintenance with this distro as it is a rolling release but I find it pretty stable and has the tools I’m looking for. (Some take a bit more work to install as not everyone supports it natively.)



I use busenlabs because I liked the minimalist style of the old crunch-bang !! I do not like distro that wants to imitate the windows … it’s super fast even on my old Pentium !!!



I like elementy OS and Ubuntu with interface gnome :yum:



I am using debian, it is good to me.



Ubuntu and Fedora
Advantages :

  1. Newbie friendly
  2. Great community
  3. Useful updates