What is your favorite Linux Distro?

What is your favorite Linux Distro?


OK. I see a lot of Ubuntu Fedora fans! I personally have been using Manjaro for the last 3 years as my primary OS. For learning, gaming, and everything else.

Here is what I like about Manjaro:

  • ROLLING RELEASE - Meaning you have to install it only once and that is it. You don’t have to install a new OS every time it releases the new version (like Ubuntu and Fedora).

  • ARCH BASED - This means, you will get the latest packages in around 2 weeks (if you’re using the Manjaro stable repo). This means all your favourite desktop environment and packages will have the latest version always. You don’t have to EVER wait for an year or 6months to get your latest version of desktop environment (Ubuntu used to keep me waiting for 1year when I used to use GNOME in my LTS release). You will have to use a PPA a which is unstable if you want to use it before.

  • LESS BUGS - If you are like me and like to stick to stable repos and releases, point release has always have the problem of having a buggy system. Only the important softwares will get updates. For the rest of it, you will have to wait until the next big release. This is resolved with Manjaro, all the packages will be updated to stable in around 2weeks and you will always have an up-to-date system!

  • STABLE - I found Manjaro more stable than Ubuntu and definitely light years ahead of Fedora! There is a reason why Manjaro has been #1 in distrowatch.com for the last one year.

  • PACMAN - People who have mentioned APT is amazing should definitely use pacman as their package manager at least once in their life. Since Pacman was made for arch which is more for experienced, it was made more flexible and easy to use. And I love using pacman!

  • AUR - Arch User Repository hosts softwares for almost everything! The better explanation for AUR is PPA implemented better. Just be careful enough to read and install a package which is trusted by the community and you will be fine.

  • COMMUNITY - How did I forget to mention the community!!? Unlike Arch community, Manjaro community is more warm, patient and helpful. If you have a problem with your system, post it in the forum and you will get help soon for sure!

  • MHWD ( M anjaro H ard W are D etection, for detection of free & proprietary video drivers will detect and install all the drivers needed to make your hardware be used to the best!

  • The only thing that I really used to miss from Manjaro (being arch based) was that it doesn’t have well packaged proprietary softwares (like .deb and .rpm packages) of popular softwares we use like slack, google chrome etc. But the good news is, you can install them using http://flathub.org/ and http://snapcraft.io/ and boom! You got that issue solved as well!

And most importantly, it is fun and rewarding once you use Manjaro, I learned and have been having fun for the last three years! It is just amazing. Why don’t you give it a try? And let me know how it goes! :slight_smile: