What JavaScript book to buy?

What JavaScript book to buy?


Hello does anyone know a good JavaScript book I’m currently learning
Thank you


I read crockfords book “the good parts” a few times, which took me from hating js to loving it.

also eloquent javascript


This question comes up semi-regularly on the forum. See these previous posts:


Eloquent JavaScript is really good. I’m currently on chapter 7. After that, I plan on going back to “You Don’t Know JavaScript” by Kyle Simpson. All of his books can be found on GitHub.


You Don’t Know JS series
It’s free on Github, and does an awesome job of starting from the beginning and really going through the ins and outs of JS


Don’t even mess around with the 200-300page learn In a week type books. Go straight for the McGraw Hill. It’s huge and bulky and has all those other books info combined, and is revised every few years to be up to date.


Yea, I agree this is a great one but it lacks a beginner tag. I guess OP is still learning, and this book, though great, is not the first choice for people who are starting out.


Thanks a lot this will definitely get me started


Are there any books that would explain everything I need to know to complete the show the weather challenge?
And would explain about dealing with the http privacy issues?


You do not need to buy a Js Book.We can get all the Js book online for free.

2. http://eloquentjavascript.net


The best, is not the best.

The best book, is none.


There are many coding books around the web! Among one of them is Nature of Code. Though books are great, I’d recommend studying it on the web. There are many free websites that teach coding. But go ahead, learn! :slightly_smiling_face:


Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja https://www.amazon.com/dp/1617292850/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_SadiAbXM1M6R4


I just took a look at http://javascript.info, and it looks like a really good resource.