What Operating System are you using for your Web Development Journey?

What Operating System are you using for your Web Development Journey?


Yes, I have heard that many times and that is just fine.

I totally agree, 100%, in your reply!
Thanks for your opinion, buddy. :thumbsup: :sunglasses:


But if you ever do, just go watch the full tutorial videos on Gamers Nexus http://www.gamersnexus.net/


Elementary OS, I had Windows 10 but wanted to try some linux lovin’
It’s Ubuntu based so it makes things easier.


I use a macbook pro, but I had immense difficulties getting node and npm set up on it. Probably user related. I am considering going to an ubuntu laptop for all dev stuff. I have ubuntu-mate running on a virtual machine on my macbook and it is great. I will be looking for something like what these guys provide which I think would be awesome. I will then have a doc setup so I can use the monitor if needed.


I’m still in studying process but not officially working on web development yet. These are my pc settings

OS: Windows 10 - 64bits
Processor: MAD A10-5800K APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics 3.80Ghz
Main System Memory (RAM): 8,00 GB
And all its devices are black :slight_smile:

I think I won’t have any problem at the time of working as professional, it’s ok for me


ThinkPad T440 with Ubuntu 16.04


Mostly I use the old Windows 7 Dells at work. And as a result, since I can’t install anything, I do all my work online with Cloud 9 and codepen. (Although I’m open to other suggestions). At home, I have a Lenovo P500 with Windows 10. I just recently downloaded Sublime 3 and am starting to play with that. To paraphrase @rickstewart, the best system is the one you have access to: I’m not going to not code cause I don’t have a super fancy MacBook. :smiley:


Toshiba Chromebook 2. Everything I do is browser based right now (codepen and Cloud 9). Might upgrade at a later date.


Could you tell me why you picked Ubuntu rather than Fedora? I am thinking about a dual boot, but unsure if I should go with Ubuntu or Fedora.


Is your cpu setup for Window’s insider builds? Do you have to start this feature in order to get the option to use bash shell?


Do you enjoy being an insider? Is it worth the activation or highly recommended?


Yeah, you have to activate insider builds, then developer mode, and then enable it via the Windows features options in the control panel. Otherwise, no bash until they release the final build.


I enjoy having access to bash. The other new Windows 10 tweaks are nice, so that’s a bonus, but nothing I couldn’t have waited for the final build for. They say not to use it on your main computer but I have all 4 of mine running it and haven’t had any real issues.

The only real downsides I’ve experienced so far are because I’m on the fast channel (there’s fast and slow) and I’ve had 3 Windows “upgrades” since activating the Insider program. You have control of when to install them and it usually only renders my computers unusable for 30-45 minutes (each of my computers have SSDs though, your upgrade times might vary).


No particular reason. I needed a Linux so I googled which is the easiest Linux distro to switch to from Windows and Ubuntu was unanimous answer. So I went with Ubuntu. Don’t overthink or over analyse which one to choose, just pick one, test drive it for a month (or two weeks, or a week), if you don’t like it, switch.


OS X here.

For anyone interested (e.g. Windows users who can’t afford or access a Mac), I would recommend checking out the Cloud 9 Linux workspaces that the backend projects are coded in, if you are not familiar with them already. These are really nice virtual Linux workspaces to work in that run completely in your browser.


I dual boot Ubuntu with Windows 10. I use Chrome when I’m on Windows & Firefox when using Ubuntu. I still can’t decide what text editor I like. I’m all over the place between atom, brackets, sublime, visual studio code, I’ve been trying every one I can.


I was running OpenSUSE but then last night I tried to install virtualbox so now I’m running Kubuntu. I’d recommend Kubuntu for anyone coming from win/osx. I can’t dev without multiple desktops any more.


Ubuntu GNOME with Dash to Dock and Impatience gnome shell extensions. Mostly using Sublime Text for coding.


I also dual boot Windows and Linux Mint on a laptop I bought for 300 bucks on clearance with an i3 and 8GB ram. I personally like the linux environment better but I started out coding in python and I had a hell of a time getting the python IDE to work in Mint. I now use Pycharm for my coding projects and it also set up practically automatically in linux. But I do find myself bouncing back and forth between Windows and linux though for a couple of reasons, one is I have several programs that I have installed free in windows on a student license, and the other is Ive noticed Mint actually consumes battery life faster on the laptop, Ive tweaked the settings trying different things but I get a little over 3 hours with linux while windows gets me
4 - 4.5.


Me too!
I have a desktop at home with Windows 10, but I still do everything on Cloud 9. I can easily jump from the desktop to the chromebook and everything is just there.