What program and where to download

What program and where to download


wonder if any one can help, looking to practise what i have learnt, where does everyone download there software from looking for HTML5


if you went to write your html code there is a lote of software to do it like: comodo


Juste search un Google and you will find a lote of text editors


Do you mean the text editor ? like VSCode ?


You can use any try MS notepad or Mac text editor just save as html.


I’d definitely start with Brackets or VSCode. They have features that should be helpful to a beginner. I personally use Sublime Text, but there are a ton of other good ones out there.


thank you for all that i have downloaded a few to give a go, is there the one that will work well for building a website as in be able to view the page


Brackets comes with Live Preview built in. For the others you may want to research something like BrowserSync. It’s not super difficult to setup and would allow you to live preview your Web page without refreshing or anything and you can use any code editor.