What should I do, I learned HTML5 and CSS3 but?

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It’s about 5 months that I started to learn web development (front end). I learned lots of things Html, css, Javascript, bootstrap, jQuery…
Then started to build some websites. from YouTube I saw lots of toturials and made lots of websites. I learned CSS grid and flexbox and animation also…
But know actually I am confused what should I do learn more vanilla Javascript or buid some website from html css with little Javascript?
Today I started freecodecamp again from zero and want to complete all…


I’m just starting as well, and I’m not so sure about what I’ll do either.
But, one thing that is helping me is to engage in local communities in my region, going to meetups and talks, knowing people that already work with Front-end, Back-end, Mobile, DevOps and even Game Development. That way I could get a good understanding of the IT market in my region.

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So you know DOM manipulation?

Have you done the Front End Projects on here? You should do them and get comfortable with building single-page apps like those and getting to know a framework such as React. Come up with some project ideas.

Yes I know Dom. And I worked in Dom manipulation, I worked with vanilla Javascript not framework. I want to to learn the language first.
But my problem is that, everyday I see a new thing in css and I think that I must learn it.
Know my question is this, that I must practice html css and new technologies or focus on Javascript?

I think you should focus on JavaScript because it’s the bulk of what you’d be doing as a web developer. You don’t need to be a CSS expert, if you know Flexbox and Grid you should be good to go.

I would recommend learning a framework such as React if you don’t know one yet.:slight_smile:

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Now that you learned the basics. It’s more important that you build things whether it’s pages or widgets. You can practice and learn one more thing each week.


I know grid and flex-box and made 3 or 4 websites using those…but I want to finish FCC curriculum and then do some vanilla Javascript and then start a framework. also thanks from your advice!:slight_smile:

What is your end goal. To be a Freelancer web designer or get a job in the industry. If it’s the latter go look at job postings online and check out what the majority of requirements are. I wouldn’t even consider CSS a skill, it’s like saying “I know how to brush my teeth good, anyone hiring”?!