What side projects are you working on?

What side projects are you working on?


I have been keeping track of my daily coding progress in a simple text file and storing it on github. Just time spent, what I did, what I learned etc.

So I started building an app using Clementine.js (FCC Edition) as a base. Right now I have the basic functionality down

Sending total time spent and task notes to the local server and handling it via Express.
Sending the data to MongoDB.

I plan on adding a tagging system and stats similar to Github or FCC’s activity monitor.

Learning a lot about authentication, schemas in mongoose, planning out a database.


I’ve just been dipping my toes into playing with Node modules / frameworks. Yesterday, I was working on an idea I got from a YouTube video - web scraping the Intel code names wikipedia entry to spit out a random code name to use for projects.

I ended up deploying it on Heroku and Git. The whole thing is a mess and the code is terrible, but I learned about a lot of things I either knew little or nothing about, like request, express, git, heroku, cheerio, and ejs.

Actually having any success while learning is great; it makes me feel like I might actually be able to understand many of these more complicated concepts at some point.


I’m working in a web compilation of math tools done by myself in JS React.
I’m also trying to see if I can finish my collaborative jukebox project for a party á la dubtrack.fm.


I do random side projects all the time…habit tracker, Games, Bucket list.


I’m currently working on an app that finds your location and get info about city you are in (weather, images, maps etc). You can use geolocator (inside the browser) or type name.


A side project of mine: https://github.com/BerkeleyTrue/redux-epic

If you build a lot of redux apps, this is the number one go to middleware to solve all problems.


Wow! compared to everyone else mine is basic. I’m working on a website dedicated to my city. It code strictly using html and css with out any bootstrap. I’ll implement a google map and random animations to the site using javascript & jquery :slight_smile: .


There isn’t anything basic about that, @dbivs08 . Especially doing it without Bootstrap. You don’t have to work with a lot of languages, other tools, or databases to build amazing things. Besides, the more you understand JS easier it will be to pick up other laguanges as you need/want to.

Some of my favorite things online are ingenious HTMl, CSS and JS creations.


Thank you for your thoughts @ronbecker :). Hopefully I get to the point where I building apps on my own instead of just websites LOL. I’ll get there though.


I’m working on software to manage a pool league I run. Most leagues are for teams and based on 8 or 9 ball. Mine is singles based, based on straight pool, and allows great flexibility by players to arrange their own matches when they are available, instead of making everyone play at the same time. It’s handicapped, of course.

I am using Javascript for an app to keep score, and will use WordPress for authentication, user management, membership, payments, blogging, and other things. Will be using custom tables and MySQL to hold data about matches, etc and produce reports and charts/graphs to keep users up to date on how they are doing as well as how they are progressing over time.

Would love to hear from someone with a serious interest in pool to discuss this project.


Learning Golang, and designing a sci-fi game we are working on.


I started working on https://campsites.herokuapp.com/ last month.

Built using Rails (ROR) & I used Cloud9 (C9):

Made some videos because someone asked me to create a screencast

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gEw1wR2jI0
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srPlAwfpCTQ
Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7Nkc-hTqwc

I shall continue to work on it as and when I have some spare time.

Let me know what you think.

ps. We also have a GITHUB Repo here: https://github.com/profoundhub/CoderSites


I will start working on a Python application for daily routines. I don’t know any Python yet but next week I will start learning it :wink:


I’ve been working on putting together a website for a friend of mine’s dog grooming business.


Just wanted to share this small package I wrote to add Test Driven Development to any project with single command. Any feedback is welcome.


@dmitriz, that’s impressive!


Love the variety of interesting things everyone is doing – there’s no wrong way to do side-projects as long as you’re learning something new in the process! (or earning a living from it if you’re so lucky)

I’m currently juggling a couple different ones. Some friends and I are currently working on a prototype for a web-app to connect businesses with food waste to non-profits that serve those in need.

I also recently started playing around with making a React library to recreate deprecated HTML tags like <blink> and <marquee> called retroactive. I’ve not gotten far with it, but it’s already a silly joke taken way too far :smile_cat:


I have created a Random Music Player for myself. I like listening to music during programming. So created a simple web app that picks a random song from youtube and plays it. Refresh to get another random.

You can try it here. Short url is anysong.tk. Suggestions for improvements are welcomed.


This is awesome!

Where can people keep up to date on your progress? I’d like to follow this project.


it’s a good idea to use GitHub to share your code and progress.