What Software Tools do you Love? Hate?

What Software Tools do you Love? Hate?

I’ve enjoyed reading through this thread. I’m going to try Atom and Visual Studio Code.

Presently I have notepad ++, sublime and brackets installed … I use brackets the most, and notepad ++ not as much. sublime every now and then.

I use Photoshop every now and then for very basic image editing. I intend to learn more about it and use it more.



Yep. Alfred workflows have so much power. I have Gist, Repos, Stack Overflow, Hacker News, DNS, and SSH workflows to name a few. Love Alfred. Anyone with a Mac should check it out. You need to buy the PowerPack to get the workflows, though. You can find it here.



@twhite96 wow! Sounds like you’re making some serious productivity gains. I’ve been on the fence about investing in PowerPack…

How do workflows differ from your typical bash script?

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After reading these posts I have now made the change to ATOM. Its a pretty nice editor. Looking forward to some fun.thanks guys.



APIs and X-callback urls.

You can tap into web APIs quite easily. You can also use not only shell scripts but Ruby and Python as well as bash scripts and AppleScript.

It’s also faster and the results are instant and in a sort of GUI.



A tool I haven’t quite seen mentioned here yet that I’m loving is bash-it. It’s like oh-my-zsh for bash. It gives you a huge amount of plugins, aliases, and themes to increase your bash productivity without spending a bunch of time doing manual configuration.

Also, the redux devtools extensions. I’ve been doing most of my frontend work in react/redux lately and having a tool to show you all your state mutations as they happen makes debugging a delight.

And for anyone on OSX, quiver is a seriously awesome note-taking app with built-in markdown and code snippet support.



I also use Sublime Text, it’s really great for coding.

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Can’t work without Atom & oh my zsh. All I need :slight_smile:

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For making a mockup Pencil is great http://pencil.evolus.vn/Downloads.html made by the guys at google

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I second Quiver. There’s an iOS beta that I’m testing. I have 100 or so notes in Quiver.

For Snippets I use SnippetsLab.

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quiver looks so cool, wish there was something similar for windows. :pensive:

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I have used Sublime Text, Brackets and Atom.
I started out with Brackets as that is what the instructor used when I first started learning to code. I then tried Sublime Text when I changed to a different online course (same reason). I then stumbled across Atom.

I see strengths and weaknesses with all. However, as I’m new to coding I can’t give a professional review on them.

I’m currently using Sublime Text as my primary editor.

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Visual Studio Express mentioned earlier is now called Visual Studio Community Edition (just to avoid confusion and clarify). I found it to still be quite a heavy weight and prefer VS Code which at present fulfills my requirements for my full stack FCC course.



Also Eclipse Che for use online at Codenvy is looking very tempting for getting web apps developed, built, tested and deployed online pretty rapidly. I’ve only begun experimenting with it, has anyone else tried it?


Sign up for a free account and you can give it try.



Atom, Atom, Atom. Best ecosystem I’ve found for a text editor. Easy package installations, great documentation… Easily customizable. Just tops. Plus git integration is on point.



Brackets is the real MVP.

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Which plugins do you all recommend for Atom?



https://atom.io/packages/script - Run code in Atom!
https://atom.io/packages/file-icons - Adds file specific icons to atom for improved visual grepping. Works with Tree View and Fuzzy Finder and Tabs.
https://atom.io/packages/pigments - A package to display colors in project and files

These are in heavy daily usage :slight_smile:



These are the packages I use:

  • autoclose-html
  • block-comment-plus
  • emmet
  • file-icons
  • highlight-selected
  • linter
  • linter-csslint
  • linter-jshint
  • minimap
  • minimap-highlight-selected


Has anyone used Brackets? It will probably seem petty but I am turned off by Atom’s tongue in cheek acceptance of open source ideals, including for some reason not being found in any Linux repository, then using lack of Linux users as reason not to join said repositories. I mean when they initially went Open Source, Linux users were something like 40% of the user base. Now? As I was recently informed when asking about this on their forum, it has dropped to 14%. A number which I assume can only be taken from website downloads and doesn’t include unofficial/user supported repositories…

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