What Text Editor Do You Use?

What Text Editor Do You Use?

Hey people, I have built Habemus. It is an online code editor with live code debugging. You can debug the code while you write it (we’ve integrated the inspector with the code editing functionality) and all results are available instantly.

I think it is the perfect code editor for web projects. Please let me know what you think!


Hey simonfan,

I haven’t tried your editor out yet, but I love your homepage with the blocks. I actually spent about a minute just making the block jump up. It’s memorizing.

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Atom with visualization plugins and lint plugins for scss and jade


@arhillis, Great! Haha, we’ve spent lots of time on that block interaction :D.

And oh, about the editor, here is a gif of how it looks like:



I usually don’t like using online code editors because I live in a rural area, and I never know when my husband might want to play a bandwith-greedy game or have a huge download. But I’ll check it out when I get a chance.


Atom with the Nord Atom theme.

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im using sublime with emmet plugins and its very good, im not sure if emmet plugins support other text-editor


The almighty Dreamweaver CC 2017.


My favourite editor is Atom, it does everything sublime text does and it’s highly customizable, also it is completely free, VSCode is my backup editor.


Emmet plugins are available for most modern text editors as far as I’m aware, I use it with atom.


Notepad ++, checking in.


I use Sublime entirely. I used to use Brackets and I loved it, but I came across this pesky bug that would keep refreshing my code when I used Git or GitHub, it still hasn’t been fixed so I am camped on Sublime. Would wish to get it back though, I LOVED IT

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After years of trying to fully get away from using Microsoft products, I finally made the switch this past fall and am most of the time working on Ubuntu and rarely using Windows 10 anymore.

The ironic part. I am now using Visual Studio Code as my primary editor after using Dreamweaver 8 since it came out in 2006 (I’m a coder, never used the GUI)! I had Brackets and Sublime installed but I keep going back to VSC! And laughing at myself for doing so!

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I switch between Visual Studio Code and codeanywhere.com cloud IDE. I love both for different reasons.


Haha. Me too. I’ve avoided MS products for ages, but now I’m hooked on VSC. Built in terminal, awesome linting, it’s hard not to love. And free.

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I honestly use them all according to how I feel, I set them up with similar specs so the switch among them is smoother.

  • I love the ATOM workflow and Git integration.
  • BRACKETS is great for simple front end projects; I like how the Beautify plugin works on it. However, plugins which many times do not install for some reason, drive me crazy.
  • SUBLIME super fast, it works great in old machines and I want to use it since most likely I will find it in work/school environments.
  • VSC just finished to set it up, quite impressive, I need to use it more.

Sublime is my go to editor, I was a notepad++ fan for a few months. I downloaded VSC but I have not really had a big enough project to need it so I don’t use it much.


This helped me choose :slight_smile:


I downloaded VSC but I have not really had a big enough project to need it so I don’t use it much.

And I flip booleans in .ini files in VSCode.


I’ve tried a lot of them and VSCode is my favorite. Easy to add extensions and the integrated terminal is the best. I have used:

  1. Brackets: which is really just a test bed and has many bugs.
  2. Dreamweaver: which is cool when you need more visual editing help but then falls short once you want to actually code because of the bugs and I think Adobe is going to shitcan it. A dinosaur.
  3. Sublime: just to damn hard to handle the plugin situation and I just don’t like it.
  4. Coda 2: pretty but they don’t update much, if ever and you have to pay for Emmet.
  5. Atom: I wanted to love it but on a Mac I always had some issue to deal with before I could code (kinda like a Windows Machine:) and it was just a pain in the watusi. I gave up when I found VSCode.
  6. Vim: I can see the benefit but with the terminal working so well within VSCode I see no need to learn. There is a lot of short cuts to learn and VIM specific things. Seems like way to much to just sling some code.
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