What Text Editor Do You Use?

What Text Editor Do You Use?

I’ve used Atom and reverted back to just Notepad ++, as it [atom] was more than I needed started out. I’ve also heard Brackets is pretty good (given the tools). Best of luck!

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I’ve used vim, bluefish, MS Visual Studio, geany, atom, and several others. I’ve mostly landed firmly on atom. Atom does everything I need it to do and since I’m not a huge MS fan it fits my sensibilities there too :wink:

Honestly, I don’t think I would have liked atom if I hadn’t liked VS. They are very similar. Although I think VS has more themes available, but other than that I think that they mostly do the same thing. VS is growing fast, and probably faster than atom, considering that MS is probably the most used desktop software on the market, that probably shouldn’t be surprising.



Since I’m very visual I use Brackets. I have used SublimeT3, Atom and Dreamweaver also. Dreamweaver is finally becoming the beast it should’ve been from the start though.

Sublime is the best performing text editor I’ve used. it’s all a matter of opinion and no text editor will make you be a bad-ass coder. That’s on the individual.



i used notepad++, brackets and some more. but now, i only use webstorm



I mostly use the JetBrains STORM line of IDEs - IntelliJ, PHPStorm, WEBStorm, etc. I used to use Sublime Text 2 a lot, as well at Atom.io



Sublime Text 3. I have tried out Atom and Visual Code.



I’m going with Atom and Dreamweaver. One free and one paid. “Update” ---- Dreamweaver has become less stable until they get the kinks worked out of the new version. I really like Atom but can’t seem to keep it working on my Machine. I went looking and found Visual Studio Code. I really like it. It’s like a stable Atom.



I use Brackets when coding bigger projects like the FCC challenges, and Notepad++ or Chrome’s Dev Tools when solving algorithms.



I was a heavy Sublime user for a long time, but IMHO Visual Studio Code just blows it out of the water, and the pace of development on it is amazing. It’s like getting a new Christmas present from Microsoft every month. I’ve actually started including classes on it in my coding group, and people seem to love it. Not to mention the fact that it is free!



thats interesting you use VS Code in linux - is it open source? I’m philosophically attached to free as in freedom. I use emacs tho ( something like https://github.com/azer/emacs )



I’ve used sublime for a long time, I tried brackets, codekit, and webstorm. I really liked webstorm, but I have so many plugins in sublime, it’s hard to make the switch… VS Code looks really cool too…



On Linux, I prefer Geany gedit and/or sublime. When I’m on Windows then I use notepad++ or komodoEdit and Atom.



It is. It’s not the same as the Visual Studio IDE, it’s a lightweight editor made with Electron (JavaScript based.)

It’s free, open-source, and cross-platform. Also, it’s awesome.

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At the moment I’m mainly using VS Code to try it out. I also like Sublime, Notepad++, and vim. I also like the IDEs IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate and Visual Studio quite a bit for projects with a backend.



Generally i use Notepad++, because the handeling of all different languages and formats it is the best editor on windows.
But for some special use cases Brackets and VS Code, and for developing bigger projects I always use IDE`s.

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After going through this thread I downloaded Visual Studio Code. I’m a beginner coder and my first text editor was brackets, which is very good in this case.

I just started using VCS and I like the way it is organized. This text editor also suggest extension to you based on your work load and past projects. I highly recommend this for beginners.



I have been using Atom, but recently downloaded and playing with Visual Studio Code.
Have to see if VSC has the type of extensions that I use with Atom.
I also have Brackets loaded, but haven’t used it for quite a while now.

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Sublime Text you will far in love with it :slight_smile:



EMACS in EVIL mode. Which is the VIM emulator. It rocks! Or straight VIM so that you hardly have to leave the command line for anything. You can even execute your command line stuff from inside VIM or EMACS. So you only really need to use a browser along side it to view the pages you generate. It takes a little learning but it very quickly makes you a much much faster creator of code!



I’m just using WebStorm to be honest. Just a tool to get the job done… but I like my tool.