What Text Editor Do You Use?

What Text Editor Do You Use?


I am seeing a lot of campers using ATOM, I might have to check it out… At the moment I am using brackets which I have grown to love… before I was using Sublime Text but couldn’t really get into it HA! there is something abut the ease of a word editor I think

I think I like how with brackets has a “Change-As-You-Type” browser preview so I can see what I am doing and how it effects the page. I am still very new to all this so my mindset might change once I get farther down the rabbit hole!


Visual Studio Code is my current favorite, after upgrading from years of Sublime.

Git integration and a console within the editor are both huge selling points for me, and you can’t beat the pricepoint (free.)


VS code, intelisense and git integration is useful. Also used Atom and sublime. All running on Linux but i like vs code best!


i use webstorm, it’s very convenient that i dont want to use other tools.


On the front end projects, I used a combo of Sublime Text and, then later, Atom.

Now that I’ve doing the Data Viz projects in Angular 2 and using TypeScript, VS Code is my go to. The TS support is just too good to pass up.


I mainly use Brackets for my HTML, CSS, and JS because it has Live Preview, and it’s free.
Vim for everything else.

One problem I have with Brackets:
I have Apache set up on Ubuntu 16.04.
If I open a file located in my /var/www directory using Brackets without sudo, I can’t save any changes.
If I open Brackets with sudo, I can save changes, but Live Preview won’t work.

I either have to edit files in my home directory and copy them to /var/www OR constantly hit save and refresh. If anyone else has experienced this and found a solution, I would love to hear about it!


Thank you, that fixed it! Never heard of live-server for node, but I’ll give it a shot, as well :slight_smile:


Brackets for me I use to use sublime but found brackets to be the one for me


Do u have any link to download dreamweaver for free


Atom. I don’t see myself switching to anything else any time soon.


Atom, but occasionally use Visual Studio community or Visual Studio Code and brackets. But atom is definitely my favorite that I use every day.


dreamweaver? c’mon now. Adobe even dropped dreamweaver because they have brackets now. :s


I installed brackets a few days ago. Looks good but I have some issues with the automatic page refresh thing, sometimes it just refuses to work (elements not displaying, css rules ignored and placing the items anywhere it wants)


Using sublime text 3 ,so far so good ,it has all the tools to ease ur life


Hi everyone,
I’m currently using Brackets, but I’m having small problems with it. Can you recommend a good code editor?


I’ve been mainly using Visual Studio Code, but I like Sublime Text and Atom as backups.


Atom is my personal favourite :slight_smile:


Visual Studio Code 2015 fTw!


Visual Studio Code is a good choice !


Ayyy use the mighty opensource atom :wink: and paw that :cat2:

And actually, more that visual studio code or even visual studio, I like how you get change your editor’s looks and syntax highlighting just as easy as a few clicks! It helps me out alot.

And also other editors like brackets or visual studio code may not be having the number of plugins that atom has. It’s also very simple and clean, like it makes me want to code aaaaaaaaaah

You know what, let me put that into perspective.
Apple’s ad :joy: “It just works”