What Text Editor Do You Use?

What Text Editor Do You Use?


of course
nothing really beats it


never used vim but um im :sunglasses:


@frenata Nano. :stuck_out_tongue:


Visual Studio Code for its superb intellisense, built-in debugger, and great extensions (vscodevim).


What operating systems you are on??
I used to use atom, but somehow it keeps giving me issues on OS X.
I switched to sublime. Super fast, light weight editor.
Basically if I am using sublime, I don’t have to worry about anything.
It does everything super fast and that’s it.


Atom! I love it because it truly is a hackable editor. I roll with some of the base themes and syntax, and then I use the dev tools to make custom edits on the global Stylesheet. I also love the git tracking for my git repos.


@carpben I also like Atom a lot. The short keys really speed up the repetitive tasks.

What sort of problems are you having with Brackets?


I’ve tried a few. I started with Notepad++ and then started trying out other editors such as Aptana and Brackets. I don’t recall why I didn’t stay with either. I then found Sublime and had been using that for a while. It is fairly fast. However, there are just some random nuances of the way it works that made me look for something else. Currently I am using Atom and I’m fairly pleased.


I have been using Sublime since long time.


Brackets…although lately, I am having some package issues and conflicts…on it I miss a built in Terminal.

Fascinated by VSC, probably moving on it, anytime soon…just getting used to it.

Learning VIM…for now extremely basic snippets on it, but the plan is to move on it in the (near) future.


I have run Brackets and Atom in the past.
Now use Visual Code Studio (cross platform) exclusively.
More extensions being added weekly. :sunglasses:


Atom and basic Notepad. I started coding 4 months ago and did a search for “top”, “best” and “high rated” coding editors and Atom often came up. I figured if it’s related to GitHub how bad can it be. It works for me but I haven’t tried others. I will at some point.


I use IntelliJ webstorm for my web projects and sublime text for quick edits.


I started off with Sublime but then moved to Brackets. I’ve tried atom but didn’t really like it all that much.


I used WebStorm for about a year and a half, but when I renewed the licence I upgraded to PhpStorm to add WordPress support. It has all the features I could want, and more…


Vim and visual code, for short edits and visualization vim is pretty handy, but for larger projects visual studio code has been the best for me so far.


Sublime, because it works faster than others on my machine and I got used to it. Don’t really want to spend time learning new editor.


Visual studio, webstorm, sublime


you made me consider switching from Atom, and i love Atom


At work (as a .NET developer) I have always used Visual Studio. Nothing compares to that. Visual Studio Code I believe has been added to help users of TypeScript.
For regular text editing I will use anything that does the text highlighting and offers some inteliisense.
Notepad ++ is great for Windows.
Atom and Bluefish on Linux.
Anyone use VIM or Nano? :blush: