Where can I test my code from Free COde Camp?

Where can I test my code from Free COde Camp?


With the recent update at Free Code Camp on September---- I am unable to test my code as I used to before… When I press “Run Test” for the Javascript Algorithms it is now blank… I can no longer see what my mistakes are… What is a good testing site?? Why do you think they removed this functionality???


You can try https://repl.it/languages/javascript



Good test sites are


There are much more but they have the same functions for the most part.



I have been wondering the same thing, very annoying that it is gone.

Thanks heaps to @kevcomedia and @PJ-Coding for the other resources, they all seem pretty good!!


Thanks for your advice


This is a known bug and we are working to fix it ASAP. Thanks for your patience.


thanks Quincy for your help… repl.it appears to be a great alternative… appreciate the response…