Where is everyone from?

Where is everyone from?


I’m in the U.S.

I see a lot of campers from other countries though, and I think it’s awesome we have such an international community.

Where are you from?


Tijuana, México.

Most of the campers are either in the US or India, I believe there’s a demographic map out there:

Here it is: https://freecodecamp.typeform.com/report/pjFw5L/sisd (second question)


I’m from Moscow, Russia, so not everyone here is from US or India;)


Im from Atlantic Canada. im usually in the chat later in the evening here and it seems the majority of the people im getting help from are from Europe/ asia

… I dont think I have seen many fellow Canadians :frowning:


I am from India,and yeah majority of people are from US and India.


I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I don’t see many people from my country neither


Netherlands here! :sunglasses:


Netherlands! :slight_smile:


Don’t lose your heart, I am from prairies in winnipeg. :smiley:


I am an Indian, but from Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Give a shout if your are near me. Would love to see more people doing this.


I’m from Madrid, Spain.

Hello everybody!


Hello from Guatemala Central America. :slight_smile:


From Seoul Korea but currently residing in US


Im from Bogota, Colombia


Los Angeles, Caifornia :sunny:


Im from Bangalore, India


I’m from Myanmar [Burma].


Hello from Germany :clap:


I’m the only one from the UK 8) lol


Hello! From India!:slight_smile: