Where is The Dark Theme

Where is The Dark Theme


The curriculum now goes with the white theme on my screen. Is there is any dark theme’s switch anywhere? Need the dark theme back


Hi @dickofn,

1- Just press in profile picture
2- Then scroll down to Privacy Setting, you can find night mode up of Privacy Setting header

Now enjoy my friend with night mode and have a happy coding.



I’m having the same issue. The dark theme is dark on the forum and the profile page, but when I click on the curriculum or do a lesson, it is shown with the light theme. When I click back on my profile, it goes back to displaying the dark theme. I’m on Chrome.

Edit: Disregard, I saw that it is an ongoing issue.


yup its an ongoing issue, I was informed that “they are working on it”
dont know when it will be activated, but i hope its soon, because my eyes are bleeding from the pain.
this is why i dont go much on Apples website and google as well among many others that do this horrid white background that kills peoples eyes. I guess no one believes in color anymore…LOL

though I am happy the FCC is working on making it happen :slight_smile:


use dark skins on google just for google not in like free code camp it’s not going to work just a opinion


Thank you very much it works


click your prof_pic
ctrl+f : night
set on