Where to head subsequent?

Where to head subsequent?

Hey, I’ve got some experience in various languages like ASP, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS doing little LAN-based projects. I’m learning Python, and my first foray was a little script that takes a text file of addresses, and loops through and creates a folder of JPGs of Google Street View pictures (using the API and a key) and then PDFs them into a PDF. I also work with a bit of PowerShell day to day at work.

So I’m familiar with some basic programming concepts and scripting and such. (My older ASP projects were heavily database-driven, but all written procedurally).

I’m looking to build a site that’s Internet-facing (super nervous about that) that allows you to rate pictures. It’s a fun little project my office has been talking about. (Think HotorNot, RatemyRide from back in the day).

I’m looking heavily at a framework that handles the heavy lifting of security like Flask or Django.

So I’m not sure which to choose, or where to go to learn what I need to do this. I’m currently going through The Modern Python3 Bootcamp with Colt Steele on Udemy as recommended by folks here. Any suggestions?