Which beginner book(s) should i get?

Which beginner book(s) should i get?


I just started learning to code a week ago here at freecode and was wondering ehat book or books would be helpfull when being offline/travelling etc? Both learning books about html/css/java whatever but maybe also more in general about computers and the history about them and coding.




For JavaScript (it is not JAVA, yo!), I’d recommend Learning JavaScript, 3rd Edition, by Ethan Brown. Later: JavaScript: The Good Parts, by Douglas Crockford. It gets you going quite fast. But for more online reading (you can clone the repo tho & read .md’s) - series of gitbooks (available free) - You Don’t Know JS https://github.com/getify/You-Dont-Know-JS/

As for HTML5 & CSS3 - CSS3 Foundations, by Ian Lunn & HTML5 Foundations, by Matt West. Those are quite light to read, but grasp the basics nicely.

I don’t really like reading history books and general-info-books (had enough of that at Uni), so can’t help you there.