Which image looks better

Which image looks better


I’m working on my portfolio but am in a bit of dilemma. Please which image looks better.

First look

Second look


Second. The blue background doesn’t appeal to very much.


Second one is much more appealing yup


@zapcannon99 @OMahonyD Thanks a lot.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I like the composition of the second one as well, but the “Hello! Nice to meet you” bit doesn’t seem to quite match the other text box stylistically.


@ArielLeslie Thanks. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
It’s a bit difficult trying to style the “Hello Nice To Meet You” bit but I’ll try my best.


Agree with @ArielLeslie re: styling. I see that when a menu item is selected there is a bit of a border-radius on the border. Your logo also has a circular border. Maybe you could incorporate that into your design?


@OMahonyD Interesting. I never thought of that. Thanks


Yup. Consistency in design can make the user/person viewing the site to feel more comfortable.