Which is most easy to study scripting language

Which is most easy to study scripting language


which is most simple way to create a slider similar to that of this website(interpool). Is that simple to create a javascript slider manually. and which is most easy to study scripting language (Perl, JavaScript, VBScript or AppleScript)


Hi @stackon,

I will hazard a guess here. More experienced users can correct me if I am wrong.

I believe your best bet is going to be JavaScript.

More specifically, I believe that the jQuery library would make things like this easier.


For example, here is a YouTube tutorial of someone doing this: YouTube

I cannot vouch for this tutorial, but it seems JavaScript + the jQuery library would be a common way to solve this problem.


Thanks for the tutorial


When you say “slider”, do you mean the image carousel? You can do that in JavaScript, or even in pure CSS (no scripting required). In fact here’s a tutorial for a pure CSS carousel, though it’d be simpler to do in JS (especially with jQuery).

Interestingly, the first thing that article cites is shouldiuseacarousel.com. Tl;dr: no, you shouldn’t.


Also (separate post for a separate but related topic), you should probably look into the core web technologies. They are: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Due to JavaScript’s monopoly on being able to run natively in all browsers, it’s really the only front-end scripting language, though you can write your code in another language (such as CoffeeScript) and then use a preprocessor to convert it to JS.