Which is the best book to learn javascript

Which is the best book to learn javascript
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please suggest me a book for javascript


Kyle Simpson’s “You don’t know JS” is by far the most recommended book(s) you’ll find.
It’s a 6 book series (he divided the topics in different books to make it more digestable).

It’s very important that you just don’t try to to have the first contact with JS reading the books. Make sure you’re trying to use JS often, and then the books will make a big difference on your learning.

If you’re just startig from zero in javascript, I’ll recommend you try “Free Practical Javascript” course at “watchandcode.com”.


Sorry I forgot the link… you can read it for free here:

or you can buy in amazon, etc…


Yes the “You don’t know JS” books are probably your best bet.


Depends on your level of JavaScript skill currently have. If you know nothing about for loop. Then the recommended book “you don’t know JavaScript” would mean very little, since that series talks about under the hood technicalities of JavaScript and not a JavaScript 101 book.

What skill level are you at in JavaScript?


For very beginning level, I’ve heard good things about Head-First JavaScript.


If you’re really just starting, try the W3 tutorials - https://www.w3schools.com/js/default.asp


There is about bazillion threads with this very same question on the forum. Why won’t you just use a search function?


Eloquent Javascript. I love this book. Hope it helps you too.


I have a post about top 5 books to learn javascript in 2018
Here https://medium.com/@yusufbekalimatov/best-books-to-learn-javascript-in-2018-e4fb1369d1b5